Ninh Binh not only holds visitors by the ancient beauty of Hoa Lu ancient capital or famous landscapes such as Trang An, Bai Dinh, Thung Nham,… but also by the famous specialties. Here is a list of 8 delicious Ninh Binh specialties that you must try once if you have the opportunity to come.

8 specialties in Ninh Binh

Steam glutinous rice with ant egg – Ninh Binh specialties

Many people mistakenly believe that dishes made from ant eggs are only available in the northern mountains. However, in Ninh Binh, there is also a special dish made from ant eggs called Steam glutinous rice with ant egg. Ninh Binh ant eggs are mainly collected in the rocky mountains of Nho Quan. After bringing the young eggs, they are washed then marinated with spices and cooked. This dish is combined with sticky rice, adding dried onions, the taste must be strange and extremely attractive.

Steam glutinous rice with ant egg
Steam glutinous rice with ant egg (source: baodaidoanket)

Yên Mạc fermented pork roll

There is an interesting thing that you cannot find fermented pork rolls anywhere in Ninh Binh! To enjoy the true traditional taste, you must definitely visit Yen Mac, Yen Mo district. Although the ingredients for processing this specialty of Ninh Binh are quite simple such as meat, pork skin, and toasted rice powder, the processing is very sophisticated.
Yên Mạc fermented pork roll
Yên Mạc fermented pork roll (source: vneconomy)
After peeling the leaves, you will see the fermented pork roll still retain its characteristic pink color, along with the tough, crunchy elastic fibers blended with the fragrance of guava leaves. When eating, you will dab with sweet and sour sauce, add a few slices of chili, or roll with fig leaves to increase the flavor of the dish. Yen Mac fermented pork rolls are often chosen by tourists to bring back as gifts for their relatives. If you have enjoyed this delicious dish, you will certainly not be surprised to know that this is also an ancient dish used to present to the king!

“Nhệch fish” salad – Ninh Binh specialties

Fish salad dishes are delicious and famous for Ninh Binh people, especially in Kim Son. The salad is processed quite meticulously and goes through many stages so that there is no fishy smell, but there will be a sweet taste mixed with the aroma of sticky rice. The salad sauce is also not easy to make, it needs to harmonize and just enough between the pungent taste of chili, lemongrass, and pepper,… These fussy processing steps will make you eat once and remember forever.

"Nhệch fish" salad - Ninh Binh specialties
“Nhệch fish” salad (source: nghebep)

Vermicelli sprouting (Bún Mọc) – Ninh Binh specialties

Bun Moc is not a strange dish for anyone in Hanoi because you can find it anywhere in Hanoi. But do not ignore Bun Moc when visiting Ninh Binh, because Bun Moc in Ninh Binh has its unique feature. Bun Moc in Ninh Binh is probably best known for being the Vermicelli sprouting in Kim Son, where you will be enjoyed in a very delicious taste. A bowl of Bun Moc with mushrooms, add a little pork, onion, lemongrass, and fresh chili.

Bún Mọc Kim Sơn
Bún Mọc Kim Sơn (source: chudu24)

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Tube Wine Nho Quan (Rượu cần Nho Quan) – Ninh Binh specialties

This is a specialty of the Muong ethnic people in the Nho Quan region and is cooked carefully by the people here. To make the wine, people will cook glutinous rice mixed with yeast and brewed in large jars. The incubation process will take at least 3 months. Whoever drank Tube Wine, all know the sweet and spicy taste that it brings. After that, Tube wine will be packed into glass bottles or dirtbags and tightly stoppered with banana leaves for sale. You can buy some tube wine Nho Quan as a gift for your relatives.

Rượu cần Nho Quan
Rượu cần Nho Quan (source: hoinongdantinhninhbinh)

Stew fish with gáo

Stew fish with gáo is a regional dish in Ninh Binh. Gáo is a plant that grows in areas along rivers, streams, or rocky caves. In addition to cooking, it can be used as medicine. Its fruit will cut small slices, line the bottom of the pot, then put the fish in the middle and cover by the slices of Gao fruit on the top. This dish’s taste is not fixed because depending on Gáo fruit, the stewed fish will be a bit sour or acrid. However, in general, the taste of the dish will be quite strange and stimulate your mouth.

Stew fish with Gáo
Stew fish with Gáo

Goat meat in Ninh Binh

Being grazed on the rocky mountains, goat meat in Ninh Binh is very firm and tough. So when tourists travel to Ninh Binh, they must try this dish once. Besides, the goat meat here is also processed a lot of delicious dishes with different processing methods such as making goat rolls, steamed goat, grilled goat or the most famous is a ginger-soy goat, an extremely nutritious dish. Many people also say that goat meat can cure many diseases. If you have the opportunity to come to Ninh Binh, you do not ignore the famous mountain goat meat here.

Ninh Binh goat meat
Ninh Binh goat meat (source: Detuoisaigon)

Mountain snails (Ốc Núi) – Ninh Binh specialties

When going to Ninh Binh, you will enjoy an extremely unique specialty that is rare in any other place. That kind of snail lives in caves and limestone mountains. The area with the most snails is the limestone mountains in Tam Diep, Yen Mo, Nho Quan, and Hoa Lu. Getting mountain snails is also not easy because they only come out of the cave seasonally, from April to August each year.

Mountain snails (Ốc Núi)
Mountain snails (Ốc Núi) (source: travelgear)

Bun Cha Quat – Ninh Binh specialties

The famous Bun Cha in Ninh Binh is Bun Cha Quat. It is said that if you want to eat delicious noddle, you must go to Ninh Binh. Because there is rarely any place that can make delicious Bun Cha Quat like here.

Anyone does not know when this dish comes from and by whom. But when you come to Ninh Binh, people will introduce you to this special dish. It is the same as Bun Cha in Ha Noi. However, Bun Cha Quat has many differences that you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy.

Bun Cha Quat - Ninh Binh specialties
Bun Cha Quat (source: foody)

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Besides, there are some other specialties in Ninh Binh and Vietnam Reviewer will introduce you more on other posts.

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