Bac Kan is a province in the northeastern region of Vietnam. Sometimes the name of the province is written as Bac Can, however the name Bac Kan is considered official. Bac Kan is a mountainous province with a complicated topography, an underdeveloped infrastructure and economy. This is also a province rich in tourism potential because of the richness of natural resources, minerals and culture imbued with ethnic identity in the northeastern mountainous region of Vietnam.
Did you know: Ba Be Lake is an important wetland reserve of the world and one of the 20 most beautiful freshwater lakes in the world.
    • Area: 4,859,4 km²
    • Population: 330,100 people
    • Location: Northeast
    • Administrative division: 1 city and 7 districts
    • Phone code: 209
    • License plate: 97

Place To Go

Ba Be Lake

Puong Cave

Dau Dang Waterfall

Pac Ngoi Village

Hua Ma Cave

Silver Waterfall – Gold Village

Nà Khoang Waterfall

Nang Tien Cave

Wind Pass

Ban Chang Lake

Kim Hy Nature Reserve

Na Phoong Cave

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Peng Pha

Ngai Cake

Dam Deng Sticky Rice

Cooc Mo Cake

Khau Thuy Cake

Pac Ngoi Grilled Fish

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Cultures & Activities

Ba Be Spring Festival

Long Tong Festival

Xuan Duong Love Market

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