Cao Bang is located in the northeast of Vietnam. The North and Northeast sides are bordered by Guangxi Province (China), with a borderline of 333,403 km. Cao Bang is a karst plateau mixed with mountains, with an average altitude of over 200 m, and the adjacent area with an altitude of 600-1,300 m above sea level. Mountainous forests account for more than 90% of the province’s area. Since then, three distinct regions have been formed: The east has many rocky mountains, the western mountains are mixed with soil and rocky mountains, the southwest is mostly mountainous with dense forests.
Did you know: Cao Bang province and Lang Son province in the Ly and Tran dynasties was called Chau Quang Nguyen. This land officially belonged to An Nam in 1039, the Ly Thai Tong dynasty, after the country defeated Nung Tri Cao.
Area: 6,707,9 km²
Population: 517,900 people
Administrative division: 1 city and 12 districts
Phone code: 206

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