Ha Giang is not only known as a mountainous province with many majestic landscapes, customs, rich festivals, and extremely high rocky mountains, but here we also see it as a land with many natural products that are very attractive. One of the attractions is a culinary culture with dishes made from many available ingredients in nature. Bringing a unique taste and impression is only available in the highland plateau of Ha Giang. Let’s take a look at the delicious dishes in Ha Giang Cuisine that you can hardly ignore when coming to.

Ha Giang cuisine with irresistible delicacies

1. Egg rolls

Egg rolls can be found in many places, but Ha Giang egg rolls have many differences. This is a dish that visitors should choose for their breakfast when arriving in Ha Giang. Egg rolls are served with a bowl of hot soup. You’ll feel warmer in the chilly weather of this rocky plateau.

Egg rolls
Egg rolls (source: poliva.vn )

Enjoying Ha Giang egg rolls will see its own taste, the unripe egg yolk has a creamy taste, wrapped in a layer of chewy dough mixed with the characteristic sponge flavor of egg white. Using chopsticks to skillfully turn the edge of the cake will see a golden peach heart. At this time, you have to eat immediately, dab the cake in the hot fish sauce, bring it to your mouth to enjoy the melted cake, and mix it with the rich flavor of the sauce.

Famous egg rolls diners in Ha Giang

  • Bà Hai Diner
    • Address: 31 Pho Co, Ha Giang City
  • Ngân Nga Sùng Dúng Lù Diner
    • Address: Sung Dut Lu, Dong Van Town, Dong Van District, Ha Giang
  • Bà Hoa Diner
    • Address: 28 Group 4, Minh Khai Ward, Ha Giang City
  • Bà Bích Diner
    • Address: 29 Pho Co, Dong Van District, Ha Giang

2. Five-color sticky rice (Xôi ngũ sắc)

The community of ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous region possesses an extremely diverse and unique culinary culture. In which, the five-color sticky rice converges the traditional values ​​of the Northwest mountainous region

Five-color sticky rice
Five-color sticky rice (source: Yong.vn)

It is called five-color sticky rice because it is different from ordinary sticky rice. Five-color sticky rice is created by five types of sticky rice with five different colors. It includes the white color of sticky rice, the red color of Gac fruit, the green color of the ginger leaf, the purple color of the black rice leaf, and the yellow color of the old turmeric. This is also an indispensable dish in the tray of the ethnic people here. You can easily find five-colored sticky rice at markets in Ha Giang.

3. Bitter porridge (Ấu Tẩu)

In Ha Giang, there are many unique dishes that visitors who once came here will never forget. Bitter porridge, or “ấu tẩu” porridge is such a cuisine like that. The winter night is cold and wandering around Ha Giang city, you should order a bowl of bitter porridge. All kinds of flavors in a small bowl of porridge that you will feel: the charismatic aroma of golden flower sticky rice mixed with fragrant cooked rice, the pulp of the root, and the rich broth. The porridge bowl looks very attractive because of the harmonious combination between rice, minced meat, bone broth, and herbs.

Bitter porridge (Ấu Tẩu) - Ha Giang cuisine
Bitter porridge (Ấu Tẩu) (source: Blogphuot)

Many people who come to Ha Giang say that if they have enjoyed “ấu tẩu” porridge once, they will come to eat again. Bitter porridge is not only a simple dish but also a tonic for relief. Bitter porridge in Ha Giang is available every season, but only sold at night. In the cold winter in the mountains, you can sit in the small diner and enjoy rice porridge. Do not forget to enjoy “Ấu Tẩu” Porridge when you travel to Ha Giang.

4. Triangular cakes ( Bánh Tam Giác Mạch)

At the end of the triangular flower season, local people will harvest the seeds and sell them to cooperatives at quite high prices. This helps people have more income. This seed is very small, about half the size of a black bean. Because it is grown in nature, this triangle is not affected by harmful chemicals.

Triangular cakes ( Bánh Tam Giác Mạch) - Ha Giang cuisine
Triangular cakes ( Bánh Tam Giác Mạch) (source: truyenhinhdulich)

To make such a delicious cake, people have to go through many stages. First, the triangular seeds must be dried enough and then ground by hand. The grinding process also needs dexterity to make a very fine dough. People knead the ground floor with water and then put it into a mold, and then bring it to the grill. The price of each cake is 10,000-15,000 VND. Although not as expensive as many other items in other places, triangular cakes are contributing largely to the culinary, tourism, and economic development of the rocky plateau.

5. Bánh chưng gù

Legend has it that the image of a woman wearing a hump on her back to pick rice and pick corn on the field is the inspiration to create the shape of Ha Giang’s Banh Chung. The Tay ethnic Banh Chung has become a delicious dish spread far by the unique ingredients and processing methods that create a different taste.

Bánh chưng gù - Ha Giang cuisine
Bánh chưng gù (source: baohagiang)

6. Corn wine ( Rượu Ngô)

In each market, in addition to agricultural products for life, an indispensable “specialty” that is regularly traded and used on the spot is corn wine. Wine is made from the native corn of the Plateau, along with traditional leaf yeast. So when drinking, it tastes sweet, fragrant, and does not cause a fatigue headache. Corn wine is present in all Ha Giang markets, this is also an indispensable drink to enjoy Thang Co.

Corn wine ( Rượu Ngô) - Ha Giang cuisine
Corn wine ( Rượu Ngô) (source: kinhdoanhcafe)

7. Thắng Dền

“Thắng Dền” is a famous cake in Ha Giang that is made from sticky rice and has similar to the floating cake. The cake is also molded into round balls but smaller than floating cakes with bean or vegetarian cake filling. The cake is boiled, then picked out and eaten with broth made from sugar, coconut, and ginger and sprinkled with a few delicious peanuts. Eating a piece of cake on cold winter days makes those who enjoy it more warm. One thing is for sure, once you eat it, you will remember the taste forever.

Thắng Dền - Ha Giang cuisine
Thắng Dền (source: liberzy)

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This is one of the most famous specialties of Ha Giang that you should try once. Hopefully, with the above useful information, you will have a wonderful trip to Ha Giang. Let’s enjoy Vietnam on your way!

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