Ha Giang is located in the northernmost part of Vietnam. This province has many high rocky mountains and rivers. Located in a humid subtropical climate but due to its high topography, Ha Giang’s climate has many temperate shades. The highland and mountainous areas in the west belong to the mountains upstream of Chay river, steep mountain slopes, high passes, narrow valleys and streams. The lowland area in the province includes the hilly areas, the Lo river valley and Ha Giang city. Ha Giang has many majestic mountains, with Tay Con Linh peak (2419 m) and Kieu Lieu Ti (2402m) being the highest. Regarding plants, Ha Giang has many primeval forests, lots of precious woods, and up to 1000 kinds of medicinal plants.
Did you know: With a length of 185 km, the road named Happiness, connecting from Ha Giang city through Dong Van rocky plateau, is completed by human power.
Hanoi Capital Region
Hanoi Capital Region
    • Area: 7,914,9 km²
    • Population: 771,200 people
    • Administrative division: 1 city 10 districts
    • Region: Northeast
    • Phone code: 219
    • License plate: 23

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