Son La is an inland province, located 320 km from Hanoi on the National Highway 6 (Hanoi – Son La – Dien Bien). This province has 3 border gates with Laos, namely Chieng Khuong and Pa Hang international border gate, Na Cai national border gate. Son La has an average altitude of 600-700m above sea level.
Did you know: Son La before 1479 was the territory of the kingdom of Bon Man (including Tuong Duong, Ky Son of Nghe An, Quan Hoa, Quan Son, Muong Lat of Thanh Hoa, Hua Phan province of Laos and most of Son La .
    • Area: 14,174,4 km²
    • Population: 1,195,107 people
    • Administrative division: 1 city and 11 districts
    • Phone code: 212
    • License plate: 26

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Mong Village

Ta Xua

Xim Vang

Moc Chau

Thong Cuong Village

Dai Yem Waterfall

Bat Cave

Son La Hydropower Plant

Ngoc Chien

Pa Uon Bridge

Tat Nang Waterfall

Chien Khoi Lake

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Pa Pinh Top

Nam Pia

Mo Soup

Mac Nhung Porridge

Nom Da Trau

Thit Gac Bep

Cham Cheo

Suoi Bang Rock Snail

Bamboo Rice

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Xen Muong Festival


Phu Yen Buffalo Fighting Festival

Quynh Nhai Boat Racing Festival

Muong A Ma Festival

Xen Pang A Festival

Mah Gro Festival

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