When traveling to Lang Son, you not only are satisfied with the majestic scenery, the soul of the mountains and rivers but also enjoy the delicious specialties and dishes here. To discover the unique flavors of Lang Son, you can go to the restaurants of Tam Thanh Hotel, Bac Son Hotel, Dong Kinh Hotel, Kim Son Hotel, or any other popular or luxurious restaurant in this city. Vietnam Reviewer will recommend 5 famous and delicious dishes in Lang Son that you should try.

Top 5 famous dishes in Lang Son

1. Roasted Duck in Lang Son

This is one of the delicious dishes in Lang Son that you cannot miss when you have the opportunity to come here. After being cleaned, the duck will be impregnated with spices, onions, peppercorns, berries, stuffed inside, and stitched. The outside of the skin is soaked with honey and left for about 10 minutes, then the duck is roasted on a charcoal stove for about 15 minutes. When roasting, be careful that the duck does not burn black, control heat, and delicious the duck meat must be, the honey must be absorbed to make duck meat more delicious. Especially, the longer the meat is roasted, the more delicious.

Roasted Duck in Lang Son
Roasted Duck in Lang Son

The fat when roasting the duck will be used to fill the duck noodle soup. When enjoying a bowl of duck noodle soup, you should add a few slices of sour bamboo shoots soaked in the ready-made jar. The aroma of duck meat, the salty broth, and the sour taste of bamboo shoots create an appealing border for specialties.

Famous Roasted Duck Diners in Lang Son

  • Hai Xom roasted duck noodle in Ba Trieu Street
  • Mat Mat roasted duck diner: 15 Bac Son – Lang Son City. 
  • Hung Hung roast duck diner: 13 Bac Son – Lang Son City.
  • Huong Nga roast duck diner: 128 Bac Son – Lang Son City.
  • Ha Nga roasted duck diner: 157 Hung Vuong – Lang Son City 

2. Lang Son Sour Phở

This Lang specialty is processed quite sophisticatedly and has a very attractive taste. Lang Son sour pho must be eaten slowly to fully enjoy its special flavor. Currently, pho sour is sold in some northern mountainous regions, but the most famous is in That Khe and Lang Son.

Sour pho consists of two parts: dry ingredients and soup. The dry part includes rice noodle cake. It is still familiar with other noodle cakes, but the special feature is that the sour noodle is quite supple and tough. Next, the potatoes are finely sliced, stirred in a pan with oil until golden brown. Pieces of pork liver are also cleverly sliced ​​and deep-fried. The meat used to make char siu is lean pork. First, the meat will be sliced ​​into pieces about 5 cm thick, palm-sized, then marinated with oyster oil, sugar, and cashew color and boiled until almost cooked.

After that, the chef will take out the meat from the pan, drain it, fry it and slice it into long slices. Roasted peanuts are also crushed. Onions that are not peeled, cucumbers, and sausages have to be sliced ​​thin.

Lang Son Sour Phở - Delicious Dishes in Lang Son
Lang Son Sour Phở

Another very important factor that contributes significantly to the success of Lang Son’s specialty noodle dish is the sauce. To make a delicious sauce, the chef will cook garlic onion with fat, sugar, fish sauce, and ginger. Next, the chef will add flour to make the broth match. The most important ingredient of a sauce is sugar vinegar. This is vinegar made according to a very special recipe and only has in Lang Son.

Famous Sour Pho Diners in Lang Son

  • Sour Pho on Le Lai street
  • Sour Pho on Bac Son Street (Near Hoang Van Thu Secondary School)
  • Pho Phuong on 73 Nhi Thanh.

3. Egg Roll Cake

Roll cake is the breakfast dish chosen by many people in Vietnam. Especially when coming to Lang Son, you can not only enjoy the usual rice rolls but also enjoy the famous egg rolls. This egg roll dish is also coated with rice flour. But instead of the meat and mushrooms, the chef breaks an egg in the middle of the steamer, then covers the pot to make the egg cooked. Then, use a bamboo stick to fold the cake and place it on a plate. Above the plate of rolls is sprinkled with minced meat with attractive golden brown color.

Egg Roll Cake - Delicious Dishes in Lang Son
Egg Roll Cake

The broth of egg rolls is not the usual fish sauce. But includes a little dry-roasted ground meat, sprinkled with chopped cilantro, and then poured over the fish sauce with onion fat to taste. Especially by the standard of Lang cuisine, each restaurant has an extra jar of bamboo shoots soaked in chili on the table so that customers can freely add to their bowl of sauce.

4. Huu Lung baked rolls

When mentioning spring rolls, many people will immediately think of Thanh Hoa’s famous sour spring roll. But Lang Son baked rolls have a very special flavor (only in Huu Lung district). The strong aroma and the sour smell of fermented meat are intertwined. The baked rolls are grilled on a charcoal stove to burn the peels with banana leaves before peeling and serving on a plate. The baked rolls are served with Ming aralia leaves with sour, sweet, and spicy sauce to create a unique taste that has only in Lang Son.

Huu Lung baked rolls - Delicious Dishes in Lang Son
Huu Lung baked rolls

5. Bac Son Bamboo-tube rice

Bamboo-tube rice is also a favorite meal for many tourists when coming to Lang Son, especially Bac Son bamboo-tube rice.

Bac Son Bamboo-tube rice - Delicious Dishes in Lang Son
Bac Son Bamboo-tube rice

The way of making bamboo-tube rice for the Tay people is similar to making lam rice in other places. Put rice and water in a bamboo tube and bake it. But the Tay people in Lang Son have their own secret to making lam rice. Their bamboo-tube rice has its own unique taste. It is the characteristic smell of sticky rice mixed with the fatty smell of peanuts and the strong aroma of Vietnamese curry.

What makes a distinct flavor from bamboo-tube rice of other places is that Tay people mix peanuts with sticky rice and then compress it into a bamboo tube. After compressing the rice and adding water to it, they took the Vietnamese curry and plugged the tube. The knotting of rice with Vietnamese curry both creates a unique aroma, while preventing water from entering the tube makes the rice lighten.

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These are the top 5 famous and delicious dishes that you must try when visiting Lang Son. Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip here.

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