Hue is not only famous for its poetic natural scenery but also for its unique culinary culture. When coming to Hue, you will be surprised by the specialties here. With a treasure of delicious dishes, you must plan wisely to enjoy them all. Here are the 9 famous specialties in Hue that the Vietnam Reviewer would like to introduce to you. If you come to Hue, you must definitely try them.

Top 9 must-try specialties in Hue

Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue or Pho is not only a familiar dish of Vietnamese people, but it is also famous around the world for its unique and strange taste. Each region has variations, creating a difference in traditional culture and if you have come to Hue, do not forget to enjoy Hue beef noodle soup here, a specialty with bold flavors of Hue.

Bun Bo Hue - Top 9 must-try specialties in Hue when coming to
Bun Bo Hue

Bun bo Hue is the soul of Hue cuisine, a famous delicacy not only in the country but also in the whole world. Eating Bun Bo Hue, you will feel the sweet taste with all the spices. The smell of lemongrass, the smell of cilantro, the smell of stewed bones, the smell of boiled meat, the smell of lemon, the smell of vegetables, the smell of pepper and the fish sauce,… blend together to form a specialty of beef noodle soup with a strange and unique appeal of Hue.

Bun Bo Hue
Bun Bo Hue

The special flavor of the bowl of Bun Bo is the broth with the pungent taste of chili peppers, the aroma of lemongrass, and a little fish sauce that combine to bring up the very typical taste of Hue.

The famous Hue beef noodle shops in Hue you can visit such as:

  • Bun Bo Hue Restaurant – No. 36 Ba Trieu, Phu Hoi, Hue City
  • Hue beef noodle soup – Phu Hoa, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue,
  • Hue O Nga Bun Bo Restaurant – No. 19 Nguyen Cong Tru, Phu Hoi, Hue City
  • Bun Bo Hue – No. 38 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Tay Loc, Hue City

Cơm Hến

Cơm Hến is considered a poor family dish in Hue cuisine because of its simplicity and sincerity. For that reason, mussel rice has become such a popular dish that it is a typical symbol of Hue cuisine. If anyone has come to Hue, they will never forget the delicious taste of this dish.

Cơm Hến - Top 9 must-try specialties in Hue when coming to
Cơm Hến

Mussel rice is presented in the form of cold rice mixed with mussels sauteed in oil and spices, mussel juice, fish sauce, cabbage vegetables, toasted rice paper, fried crispy noodles, colored chili, whole peanuts, cooking oil, pepper, monosodium glutamate, and salt,… all mixed to bring out a delicious, rich, and pungent taste very typical of Hue. The simplicity of popular and easy-to-find ingredients, mixed with the subtleties and meticulousness of the way of processing, has formed a dish containing the quintessence of Hue cuisine that is enough to conquer any diners.

Although it is not a luxurious or unique dish, coming to Hue without enjoying this mussel rice dish is a mistake. If you are planning to come to Hue, please note the famous places selling Bun Bo Hue below

Famous mussel rice addresses in Hue you can visit such as:

  • Hoa Dong mussel rice – No. 64 Kiet 7 Ung Binh, Vy Da, Hue City
  • Ba Cam mussel rice – No. 2 Truong Dinh, Vinh Ninh, Hue City
  • Small shop – No. 28 Pham Hong Thai, Vinh Ninh, Hue City
  • Ty Hon – No. 84 Mac Dinh Chi, Hue City

Types of cakes (Banh Beo, Rice Dumpling Cake, Banh Nam)

If you have once come to Hue, you will not only find Hue beautiful and poetic but also be impressed by countless delicious cakes. Hue is the land of many popular cake gifts such as Banh Beo, Banh Nam, Rice Dumpling Cake – popular and popular cakes in Hue Citadel.

Banh Beo Chen – To make a cup of Banh Beo requires a lot of meticulous work, from choosing rice to grind the flour and pouring the cake when steaming so that it fits the small mold and is soaked with other ingredients such as dried shrimp powder, Toppings, scallions… When enjoying, use a thin spoon to scoop out the cake served with a special dipping sauce made from pure fish sauce, sugar, chili, garlic… Eating Banh Beo, you will feel the flavor. The dough is supple with the aromatic, fatty, crispy taste of spices and shrimp powder.

Banh Beo Chen - Top 9 must-try specialties in Hue when coming to
Banh Beo Chen

Rice Dumpling Cake – The most famous of all Hue cakes is Rice Dumpling Cake, a cake that every visitor must enjoy when coming to Hue. Been to many places but no place can make Rice Dumpling Cake as good as in Hue. The hot filter cake dipped with a cup of salty, sweet, and spicy dipping sauce makes it hard to resist.

Rice Dumpling Cake
Rice Dumpling Cake

Banh Nam – This is a cake made from rice flour that is thinly spread on banana leaves, the strip on top is a fragrant brick yellow filling of pork mixed with minced shrimp, green beans, and a little green onion.

Banh Nam
Banh Nam

In addition, Hue is also famous for many other cakes such as Ram cake and Khoai cake. If you have the opportunity to come to Hue, please enjoy these cakes, you will have very interesting experiences there.

The famous delicious cakes in Hue you can visit such as:

  • Banh Beo Nam Filter Ba Do – No. 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Phu Cat, Hue City
  • Chi cake shop with specialties of Beo, Nam, Filter, Ram It – No. 65 Nguyen Trai, Thuan Hoa, Hue City
  • Banh Nam, Filter, Ram, Little O Le – Kiet 104, Kim Long, Hue City
  • Banh beo, filter, nam – Ba Thanh Quan district, Vinh Ninh, Hue City

Alley Dessert Soup

Dessert Soup shops in Hue are often located in small alleys, so suddenly “Chè Alley” has become a famous brand. Alley tea originally came from the royal Dessert Soup, so it is also very picky in processing, presentation, and enjoyment. The ingredients to cook Dessert Soup must be sourced from Hue specialties such as young corn kernels in Con Hen because of the sweetness it brings, the ethereal taste of lotus seeds selected from Tinh Tam Lake,…

Alley Dessert Soup
Alley Dessert Soup

The famous Dessert Soup shops in Hue you can visit such as:

  • Dessert Soup Palace Alley 20 dishes – No. 93 Xuan Xuan 68, Phu Hau, Hue City
  • Hue full-flavored tea shop – No. 67 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa, Hue City
  • Dessert Soup Alley – No. 1 Kiet, 29 Hung Vuong, Phu Hoi, Hue City
  • Dessert Soup Alley – No. 1/29 Hung Vuong, Phu Nhuan, Hue City

Grilled pork wrapped in cassava flour

This is probably the tea with the strangest name you will ever hear. I believe many people when hearing the name of this dish will have a feeling of skepticism. Many diners coming to Hue were also surprised by this dish, but after enjoying it out of curiosity, all were surprised.

Grilled pork wrapped in cassava flour - Top 9 must-try specialties in Hue when coming to
Grilled pork wrapped in cassava flour

The skillful combination of sweet and salty has brought an extremely sweet and special taste, which is true only in Hue. Grilled pork wrapped in cassava flour, the cassava flour balls are quite large, a bit smaller than the Southern water ball. The accompanying sugar water is not too sweet, mixed with a little ginger to make the soft drink light and airy, combined with Grilled pork wrapped in cassava flour, salty and chewy, creating a rather strange feeling. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, do not forget to try this specialty.

Where you can enjoy Grilled pork wrapped in cassava flour:

  • Mo Ton Dich Sweet Soup – No. 02 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa, Hue City

Banh Canh

Banh Canh is a familiar rustic dish found in Quang Tri, Quang Binh, and many places in Central Vietnam. But Banh Canh Hue is considered to be the first-class soup dish. Perhaps influenced by customs, the taste of Banh Canh here is different, creating a unique feature that attracts diners from all over the world.

Banh Canh
Banh Canh

Banh Canh in Hue has the typical flavor of red broth from crab and shrimp bricks, mixed with cashews when cooked, so it has a beautiful color. Banh Canh fibers are also very special, transparent, soft, and not crushed. Referring to Banh Canh in Hue, people often refer to Nam Pho Banh Canh and Ba Doi Banh Canh, which are famous delicious Banh Canh shops here.

The famous delicious Banh Canh shops in Hue you can visit such as:

  • Thuy – Nam Pho Banh Canh – No. 16 Pham Hong Thai, Vinh Ninh, Hue City
  • Nam Pho Banh Canh – No. 76 Han Thuyen, Phu Hau, Hue City

Trieu Tay Duck

If you have ever enjoyed Trieu Tay Duck, you will understand why many Hue people love this dish so much. The reason is called Trieu Tay Duck because these duck shops are located near Trieu Tay Bridge in An Hoa Ward (Hue City). The shops here are not big, look squalid, but the aroma is always spreading, making passersby unable to help but feel nauseous.

Trieu Tay Duck
Trieu Tay Duck

Duck meat is a rustic dish that is loved by many people, but it is not easy to make it into a delicious dish. Because the duck itself has a bad smell, how to get rid of it is a secret, Trieu Tay Duck is famous for its sweet, chewy, fragrant, and especially not bad taste. Not only attracting tourists but also Hue people are fascinated by this dish. Many people like to eat duck but are afraid that the fatty skin will make them look fatter. However, with Trieu Tay Duck, you will be completely assured, the skin is thin, not greasy, the meat is firm, and the taste is tough, making you comfortable to enjoy the dish until the last piece without having to worry too much about a weight problem.

Trieu Tay Duck
Trieu Tay Duck

The difference that makes these sidewalk eateries attractive to people is not only from the processing of duck meat but also from the secret of making dipping sauce. When the sauce is delicious, the duck meat will smell and create its unique feature. The delicious duck dipping sauce in the afternoon with the aroma of ginger and fresh duck served with duck meat is a wonderful and delicious blend.

Addresses with delicious Duck Trieu Tay dishes in Hue such as:

  • Quy Duck Trieu Tay Restaurant – No. 258 Ly Thai To, An Hoa, Hue City
  • Duck Trieu Tay Phuong Cuc Restaurant – No. 229 Ly Thai To Group 2, An Hoa, Hue City
  • Duck Trieu Tay Suong – No. 191 Ly Thai To, An Hoa, Hue City

Vegetarian Rice in Hue

Hue is famous as a spiritual land of Buddhism, so vegetarian rice in Hue is usually very delicious, prepared as diverse as savory dishes. Anyone who has not enjoyed vegetarian rice in Hue is a regret. Looking at the vegetarian rice tray, you will think that you are at a hearty party, you will be curious as to why people can make such delicate and beautiful dishes. If you come to Hue, then visit the vegetarian rice restaurants below to feel the sophistication of Hue’s culinary culture, you will surely be surprised.

Vegetarian Rice in Hue
Vegetarian Rice in Hue

The famous vegetarian rice addresses in Hue you can visit such as:

  • Dieu Lac Vegetarian Rice – No. 01 Han Mac Tu, Vy Da, Hue City
  • Vegetarian Rice Restaurant – Nhat Le – No. 85 Nhat Le, Thuan Thanh, Hue City
  • Ba Minh Vegetarian Restaurant – No. 4 Han Thuyen, Phu Hau, Hue City
  • Tinh Lam Nhi Vegetarian Restaurant – No. 112A Truong Chinh, An Dong, Hue City

Nem Lui, Cha Hue and Hue Spring Rrolls

Nem Lui – It’s sad if anyone has ever been to Hue without enjoying spring rolls. Spring rolls are made of pounded pork mixed with thinly sliced ​​skin, diced pork fat marinated with salt, pepper, and sugar. Then people put the meat into small bamboo chopsticks and grill them on the charcoal stove, creating a delicious, greasy dish that attracts diners to enjoy.

Nem Lui Hue
Nem Lui Hue

Cha Hue – When you come to Hue, you will have a very special impression of Hue rolls, which are completely wrapped with banana leaves and tied at both ends, not squarely wrapped at both ends like Cha Bac. Not only are they different in appearance but also taste and meticulous in processing. Before having a delicious grilled pork chop, banana leaves must be boiled in boiling water, washed, and soaked in cold water for 1 hour. At night, in the morning, take it out to drain and trim the edges, when doing it, you need to wipe it clean to remove all the latex from the leaves.

Cha Hue
Cha Hue

Hue spring rolls – different from Northern spring rolls and Southern spring rolls in the way of seasoning. Never have we met a curl of spring rolls in Hue with around pepper in the middle. The flavors are all dissolved in the lovely spring rolls. In spring rolls, there are enough flavors of lean fermented sour meat, chopped pork skin, hearing, braised fish sauce, alum sugar, salt… If you have a chance to come to Hue, try to experience this difference, it’s also very interesting.

Hue spring rolls
Hue spring rolls

Addresses with famous Hue spring rolls and Hue rolls in Hue, you can visit such as:

  • Nem Cha Tre Dong Ba Hue – No. 25 Dao Duy Tu, Phu Binh, Hue City
  • Quang Dua Nem Cha – Ngo Duc Ke, Phu Hau, Hue City
  • Ba Ky Spring Rolls Production Facility – No. 141 Xuan Xuan 68, Thuan Thanh, Hue City

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These are the famous specialties in Hue that you must taste. Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip here. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email through!

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