Vinh Phuc is a province in the Red River Delta, Vietnam. Vinh Phuc has many interesting landscapes such as Tay Thien scenic area with Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery (one of the three largest monasteries in Vietnam with Yen Tu and Da Lat), Tam Dao resort, Tower Binh Son, Gia Loan temple – Bien Son pagoda,… are places to develop various types of tourism such as sightseeing, vacation,… In addition, there are over 500 cultural and historical relics with 170 ranked monuments. In which, there are 67 nationally ranked monuments.
Did you know: Vinh Phuc is a province in the planning area of Hanoi capital.
    • Area: 1,235,2 km²
    • Population: 1,154,154 people
    • Administrative division: 2 cities, 7 districts
    • Region: Red River Delta
    • Phone code: 211
    • License plate: 88

Place to go

Tam Dao

Dai Lai Lake

Tay Thien

Me Linh Flower Village

Huong Canh Ceramic Village

Binh Son Tower

79 Hill

Hai Luu Stork Garden

Xa Huong Lake

Ba Ao Waterfall

Thanh Lanh Lake

Dam Vac Lake

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Ngoa Lung Ngoai Cake

Trung Mat Mia Cake

Gio Tay Dinh Cake

Che Kho Tu Yen

Ngoc Hoa Coconut Wine

Ca Thinh Lap Thach

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Cultures & Activities

Thuong Lap Festival

Hai Luu Festival

Tay Thien Festival

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