From crispy Banh Xeo leaves with a thin crust and rich meat filling, to quality space and service, this list will help you experience the typical flavors of Banh Xeo in the Vung Tau City at its best.

Top 5 Best Banh Xeo Restaurants in Vung Tau City

Banh Xeo and Banh Cong Mien Tay

One more suggestion for you to enjoy Vung Tau Banh Xeo is the Western Banh Xeo Banh Xeo restaurant. The cake is fried very crispy, not too much oil, so it will be less boring to eat. Inside is an extremely sweet filling of fresh shrimp, served with a bowl of fish sauce and raw vegetables, it’s undeniably delicious. The crust is thin but still crispy, and the filling inside is perfectly mixed with meat, shrimp, and fresh vegetables. The sweetness of the filling blends with the sour and salty taste of the fish sauce to create a memorable culinary experience.

The space of the Western Cong Banh Xeo restaurant has a traditional character with many beautiful decorative details and the use of warm colors. The airy space and comfort of the restaurant create favorable conditions for you to enjoy Banh Xeo with your family and friends. With fast and friendly service, Banh Xeo Cong Mien Tay restaurant satisfies customers. Coming here, you will experience wonderful flavors and discover the warmth of rich cuisine in Vung Tau City. If you want to enjoy Western-style Banh Xeo, don’t forget this address.

Banh Xeo and Banh Cong Mien Tay - Top 5 Best Banh Xeo Restaurants in Vung Tau City
Banh Xeo and Banh Cong Mien Tay
  • Address: 195/45 Ba Cu, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Phone: 0989 217 260
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 16:00 – 19:30

Cay Da Banh Xeo Shop

Cay Da Banh Xeo is also a perfect place to enjoy Vung Tau Banh Xeo. Like other restaurants, the Banh Xeo here is mainly made from fresh shrimp filling and is very sweet. The cakes are filled with an eye-catching yellow color, not too much oil, and are very delicious. The Banh Xeo here is served with raw vegetables and a bowl of dipping sauce, extremely rich and authentic to the Central region’s Banh Xeo.

Banh Xeo at Cay Da Banh Xeo is prepared with traditional methods and a crispy and delicious vegetarian filling. The unique flavor of vegetarian Banh Xeo is enhanced by a delicious dipping sauce, creating a perfect combination of taste and aroma. Vegan diners will no longer have to worry about finding a suitable place to enjoy this traditional dish with unique flavors. Besides, the space of the restaurant is also spacious, and comfortable, and ensures hygiene and safety, so visitors can feel completely secure when choosing to explore specialties at this restaurant. The staff and owner here are also very enthusiastic and easy-going, so every guest who comes here is satisfied when they leave.

Cay Da Banh Xeo Shop - Top 5 Best Banh Xeo Restaurants in Vung Tau City
Cay Da Banh Xeo Shop
  • Address: 25 a Le Loi, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Phone: 0834 193 721
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 16:00 – 22:00

Cay Bang Banh Xeo shop

If we talk about long-standing Banh Xeo shops, it is impossible not to mention Cay Bang Banh Xeo shop. This restaurant has appeared in Vung Tau for quite a long time, probably more than 10 years. Both Banh Can and Banh Xeo are sold here, each dish’s flavor is delicious and attractive. The highlight of this restaurant is still the crispy Banh Xeo as big as the whole pan. Banh Xeo is molded until it has a beautiful golden color, the filling inside includes meat, shrimp, squid, etc. The owner of this shop is quite friendly, you can always ask for vegetables or dips.

In addition to unique and diverse flavors, Banh Xeo Cay Bang also scores points for its airy and spacious space. The shop has an open design with a reasonable layout, creating a cool and comfortable space for customers. Small tables are combined into one large table, both suitable for guests traveling in small groups and able to serve large groups of guests. Friendly staff and enthusiastic service are also plus points for the experience at the restaurant. If you are wondering what to eat in Vung, stop by Cay Bang Banh Xeo restaurant to enjoy.

Cay Bang Banh Xeo shop - Top 5 Best Banh Xeo Restaurants in Vung Tau City
Cay Bang Banh Xeo shop
  • Address: 6A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, City. Vung, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:00

Central Region Banh Xeo

If you want to find a Banh Xeo restaurant in the city. If Vung Tau meets the criteria of delicious, nutritious, and cheap, we will immediately introduce to you the cake shop located right at 62 Le Hong Phong, Vung Tau City. Central region Banh Xeo is also a quite famous address that many tourists often visit. There are two types of Banh Xeo here, regular and special. The special Banh Xeo will have all kinds of fillings, and the big Banh Xeo look very attractive. The taste of the cake is beyond discussion, it’s exactly the taste of the Central region. The restaurant is always quite crowded, so you should come early to fully enjoy the food. Just add a little fish sauce and a little spicy chili sauce to complete the flavor.

Besides, Central Banh Xeo restaurant also focuses on using fresh ingredients to ensure the health of diners. Not only is it a place to eat, but the restaurant is also a place for diners to experience the unique local vegetarian culture. Coming to Central Vietnam Banh Xeo restaurant, you will enjoy delicious flavors and experience a unique and creative culinary style. If you want to find a delicious Banh Xeo restaurant in Vung Tau, come to the restaurant to enjoy it.

Central Region Banh Xeo
Central Region Banh Xeo
  • Address: 62 Le Hong Phong, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Phone: 025 4381 8936
  • Opening hours: 15:30 – 21:00

Long Hai Banh Xeo Restaurant

If you have the opportunity to visit Long Hai Beach, Vung Tau, Vietnam Reviewer will immediately suggest to you the super delicious Long Hai Banh Xeo restaurant to enjoy during your trip. Because it is located at an easy-to-find location and the restaurant space is clean, it is very popular with tourists. But the most attractive thing here is still the delicious flavor emanating from the extremely attractive Banh Xeo. Looking at the newly baked cakes, you won’t be able to resist. The crust has a beautiful yellow color and is moderately crispy, and the filling inside is fresh and sweet shrimp that looks extremely delicious.

Long Hai Banh Xeo creates an unforgettable delicious flavor with a variety of cakes such as squid, shrimp, beef, egg, and mixed Banh Xeo. Besides, the restaurant also offers a variety of rich and flavorful dipping sauces to stimulate customers’ taste buds. With affordable prices and excellent quality, Long Hai Banh Xeo in Vung Tau are highly appreciated and ordered frequently by many tourists. If you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisine and are planning to come to Vung Tau, don’t forget to visit Long Hai Banh Xeo restaurant to enjoy delicious food and experience wonderful moments.

Long Hai Banh Xeo Restaurant
Long Hai Banh Xeo Restaurant

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