Seafood provides a lot of protein, and essential micronutrients for the body, and dishes made from seafood also taste very good. Long An is one of the best known for its fresh seafood, but where is the best seafood restaurant here? Let’s find out with the Vietnam Reviewer in the article below!

Top 4 best seafood restaurants in Long An

Hoang Ben Luc Seafood – Long An

Hoang Ben Luc Seafood is a service providing high-class cuisine in Long An with professional logistics and quality food. The restaurant will satisfy requests for parties, meetings, and other events. The restaurant offers all fresh seafood dishes according to your request. Besides, the restaurant is also highly appreciated by diners for its clean space and attentive and enthusiastic service staff.

HoangBen Luc Seafood - Long An - Top 4 best seafood restaurants in Long An
HoangBen Luc Seafood – Long An

The chefs are very passionate about each dish and are creative in every detail. With many years of experience in the industry, they believe that understanding customers and understanding the ingredients they prepare will bring quality and high-class dishes. The menu is rich, changing dishes often recommended by many Long Thanh residents. The seafood dishes here are commented to be delicious, but the ingredients are still of good quality. Definitely Hoang Ben Luc restaurant will bring customers delicious and nutritious seafood dishes with unforgettable taste.

  • Address: No. 133, Phan Van Mang Street, Quarter 9, Ben Luc, Long An
  • Phone: 0937 377 246
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

Beluga Restaurant

Located in the center of Tan An city (Long An province), Beluga restaurant is designed with luxury, modern but equally elegant and airy, combining garden space. Promises to be a destination that can satisfy fastidious diners.

Beluga Restaurant - Top 4 best seafood restaurants in Long An
Beluga Restaurant

Beluga focuses on Vietnamese and Asian cuisine. The main ingredients are fresh seafood, which is directly imported and preserved in tanks such as Lobster, Grouper, Crab, and Snail… In addition, Beluga also offers customers special dishes. attractive from wild meat such as bat, mink, snake…

Beluga Restaurant

With a capacity of up to 400 guests, Beluga is ready to serve many different spaces such as indoor, and outdoor. It is the perfect choice for customers who want to organize birthday parties, corporate festivals, and parties:

  • V.I.P room system can accommodate from 4-12 guests/room
  • Banquet room: 80-100 guests.
  • The garden space is arranged to suit many groups of guests: 1-2 people, 4-6 people…
  • The Lounge Bar area is for those who love romance, chill to the music, sip cocktails, and enjoy light snacks.

Beluga Restaurant - Top 4 best seafood restaurants in Long An

In addition, Beluga also has a children’s play area, Karaoke system, banquet room with stage, and conference room (with projector). Coming to Beluga, customers can participate in many promotions, and mini-games with many attractive gifts up to millions of VND. Beluga is committed to ensuring food hygiene and safety, the health of customers is the restaurant’s top priority.

  • Address: 136 DT827, Ward 3, Tan An, Long An
  • Phone: 0901 112 299
  • Email: &
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

Riverside Restaurant

Riverside Restaurant is famous for its quality of food, service style, and space. Not only sitting on the bank enjoying the river view, but you can also have a unique meal. The restaurant’s menu has European and Asian styles and dishes are made from fresh seafood caught directly at the restaurant’s pool.

Riverside Restaurant
Riverside Restaurant

The food at the restaurant is considered delicious and affordable. You can choose outdoor or indoor spaces to enjoy the party with family or friends. But wherever you sit, you will also enjoy the cool river breeze when coming here. Understanding the psychology and needs of customers, Riverside Restaurant always trains a team of enthusiastic, attentive, dedicated service staff to bring customers the most satisfaction.

With quality service, affordable prices along with an airy and comfortable space, Riverside Restaurant has become an ideal and familiar destination for many customers near and far.

  • Address: 341 Lanh Thai Binh, Can Giuoc Town, Long An
  • Phone: 0936 397 919
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00

Can Giuoc Seafood Buffet

Can Giuoc Seafood Buffet specialize in fresh and quality seafood? The dishes on the buffet menu of the shop are quite diverse, the dishes are extremely attractive because the ingredients are imported directly from the stores that provide fresh seafood, especially some dishes are processed uniquely. and different from other restaurants such as Snails, sea fish, oysters, etc., with a taste that can’t be faulted. Not only is the quality guaranteed, but the prices at the restaurant are extremely affordable. Do not hesitate to come and enjoy the buffet here.

Can Giuoc Seafood Buffet
Can Giuoc Seafood Buffet

The price at Can Giuoc Seafood Buffet is very reasonable:

  • Ticket price from Monday – Friday: 140,000 VNĐ/person
  • Ticket price on weekends and public holidays: 150,000 VNĐ/person
  • Ticket price for children under 1m3: 85,000 VNĐ/person
  • Children under 1m are completely free

In addition, the service staff at the restaurant is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated, always attentive, providing a sufficient amount of food to serve the needs of customers, so come to Can Giuoc Seafood Buffet to enjoy the delicious dishes. The freshest seafood ever!

  • Address: 354 National Highway 50, Hoa Thuan 2 Ward, Can Giuoc Town, Long An (next to Can Giuoc High School)
  • Phone: 0979 540 822

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Hopefully, the best seafood restaurants in Long An above will help you and your family enjoy the freshest and quality food! Hopefully, the suggestions of the Vietnam Reviewer have brought you more interesting experiences. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email through!

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