Walking around Dak Nong to find delicious popular rice restaurants that suit your culinary needs and are also affordable is really difficult. You want to enjoy a delicious meal but are wondering where to go. So let’s let you explore the top list of popular rice restaurants that are considered delicious, cheap, and attractive right in Dak Nong province.

Top 5 best rice restaurants in Dak Nong Province

Binh Nga Broken Rice

Com Tam Binh Nga is the oldest brand among the broken rice brands of Dak Nong past and present. Binh Nga Broken Rice develops more typical dishes with traditional broken rice flavors. Up to now, Com Tam Binh Nga has had up to 54 nutritious dishes with a rich menu to serve 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups and international tourists.

On a plate of pure broken rice, Com Tam Binh Nga skillfully combines the most perfect of the “food profession: golden young ribs, and a bowl of fish sauce that has both great color and flavor. Besides that, there are soft, fragrant wrappers meticulously handcrafted from hot pig skin that has just been slaughtered, along with an omelet of evil chicken eggs or a bowl of bitter melon soup stuffed with meat and extremely delicious fillings. cannot be confused.

Com Tam Binh Nga brings traditional flavors to every diner coming here. The portion of rice is just enough, maybe a bit small for those with large portions, but in return, you have a large piece of meat marinated with spices and five spices so it is very fragrant. Eat it with a portion of sour foods such as pickled mustard greens, kale… so you won’t feel bored eating it.

Binh Nga Broken Rice - Top 5 best rice restaurants in Dak Nong Province
Binh Nga Broken Rice
  • Address: Group 2 Chu Van An Street, Nghia Thanh Ward, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0933 926 828 & 0906 547 345
  • Email: kietbinnhga@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/huynhthimynga86

Tuan Nghia Hill Chicken Rice Pot Restaurant

Tuan Nghia Doi Chicken Rice Pot Restaurant is the first clay pot rice restaurant in Gia Nghia City. Coming to this place, you will enjoy pots of rice cooked in a charcoal oven in the traditional Vietnamese way of cooking delicious rice. Surely, you will be fascinated and fascinated by the fragrant rice grains cooked in the shop’s clay pots. With dishes that are typical of the countryside, the restaurant also came up with the idea of ​​designing the space in the style of Vietnamese villages, with mainly bamboo tables and chairs, materials from wood, and straw… bringing a feeling of Close, comfort, and friendly to diners.

The ingredients are extremely diverse from pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and country vegetables… prepared by experienced chefs, passionate about Vietnamese cuisine. Not only do they have rich flavors, but the dishes are also beautifully decorated. Although the number of customers coming to the restaurant is very large, don’t worry, the service staff here are very fast and enthusiastic, the food will soon be brought out to enjoy when your hunger is urging you!

Tuan Nghia Hill Chicken Rice Pot Restaurant - Top 5 best rice restaurants in Dak Nong Province
Tuan Nghia Hill Chicken Rice Pot Restaurant
  • Address: 40 Ly Tu Trong, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0869 601 314
  • Email: vanan7779@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/Tuan-Nghia Rice-Pot Chicken-Restaurant-100398945152544/

Dakmil Chicken Rice

Unlike the cuisine of many other countries that focus on using rare ingredients, Vietnamese cuisine conquers each person with its frugality, moderation in flavor as well and the amount of nutrition in each dish. With more than 40 dishes on the menu, the restaurant will serve diners who love Vietnamese cuisine from breakfast, and lunch to light, frugal dishes for dinner such as bread, pho, vermicelli, rolls, spring rolls, and spring rolls, typical Vietnamese hot pot, rice plate.

Lunch is not about what to eat to make you feel full, but what to eat to make yourself healthy. If you ignore lunch after five days of work, your health will not be guaranteed, everyone! With lunch options carefully crafted by Dakmil Chicken Rice chefs, the dishes will easily satisfy the diverse tastes of the whole group, while ensuring a balanced diet, providing enough energy that fuels the fight all day long.

Chicken is the main ingredient that creates the rich cuisine of many Asian countries. Especially for Vietnamese people, chicken is a “national food” that must be included in the feast both on weekdays and on holidays. Simple but filled with many memories of childhood days, rustic chicken dishes remind every child far from home to always return to their roots. The second most favored dish on the Dakmil Chicken Rice menu, the chicken is divided in half, half is torn and crushed, and the other half is left whole to dip in Phan Thiet chili sauce to chew. As for the young egg chicken intestines, stir-fry with fragrant luffa served with sticky, crispy sticky rice.

Dakmil Chicken Rice - Top 5 best rice restaurants in Dak Nong Province
Dakmil Chicken Rice
  • Address: 166 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Dak Mil, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0967 499 947

52 Hiep Hoan Chicken Rice

52 Hiep Hoan Chicken Rice is famous for its delicious, attractive, and affordable chicken rice. A portion of rice with a hot, delicious fried chicken thigh served with fried rice, cucumber, tomatoes, soy sauce, and chili sauce… In addition to fried chicken, the restaurant also has many more dishes for diners to choose from: sausages, fried chicken with fish sauce… Enjoying the chicken here, most diners feel extremely satisfied and love the restaurant.

At 52 Hiep Hoan Chicken Rice, the chicken rice dishes are delicious, hot, and fragrant with shiny rice grains, still golden in texture, supple and fleshy combined with soft, sweet, greasy chicken meat that is very attractive. Pick up a piece of chicken, dip it in sweet and sour chili garlic fish sauce, and then enjoy with hot rice, add some crunchy and sour mixed cabbage, there’s nothing better than that. Coming here, you will enjoy delicious chicken rice with full flavor, making customers easily impressed with the flavor they enjoyed at 52 Hiep Hoan Chicken Rice.

The chicken at 52 Hiep Chicken Rice is marinated very rich and delicious. Cut the chicken into pieces, the meat is soft on the inside, and marinated very fragrant but the outside still retains its characteristic crispiness. Bite into a piece and feel the crispy skin on the outside, the meat inside is soft, sweet, and fatty, very delicious. In particular, the chicken is fried well so it absorbs less grease, and the greasy, crispy skin is very delicious. Come and experience it!

52 Hiep Hoan Chicken Rice - Top 5 best rice restaurants in Dak Nong Province
52 Hiep Hoan Chicken Rice
  • Address: 36m Street, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0392 898 443
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/comga52hiephoan/


TAM KY CHICKEN RICE is also a delicious, quality chicken rice restaurant in Dak Nong. Coming to the restaurant, you don’t have to worry about being hungry, a portion of chicken rice comes with many quality bags. The shop’s address is on the main road so it’s quite easy to find for first-time customers coming here. Enjoying chicken here, most diners feel extremely satisfied with the food and love the restaurant’s service. The menu is rich with dishes made from chicken such as chicken pho, chicken vermicelli, chicken porridge, chicken sticky rice, chicken salad, rotisserie chicken, honey grilled chicken, fried chicken, and fried chicken wings with fish sauce.

The rice grains are golden and soft, the chicken is delicious, and there’s nothing to complain about. A portion of chicken will come with dipping sauce and a cup of broth. In addition to delicious food, the chicken rice plate is also decorated quite beautifully and eye-catching. I don’t know if the rice is delicious or not, but the first time I saw such a beautiful plate of rice, I wanted to eat it right away. To ensure that the rice and chicken are always at their best when a customer comes in, the owner will put them on a plate. TAM KY CHICKEN RICE deserves to be one of the best chicken rice restaurants in Nha Trang.

  • Address: Highway 14, Village 6, Kien Thanh, Dak R’Lap, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0964 756 002
  • Email: ngocbaotran311206@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/CHICKEN RICE-TAM-KY-234673921832933/

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Above are popular rice restaurants that are considered delicious, nutritious, and cheapest in Dak Nong. If you don’t know which restaurant to choose among the countless delicious restaurants, please refer to the top best popular rice restaurants in Dak Nong that Vietnam Reviewer just shared! If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to vietnamreviewer.contact@gmail.com!

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