Long An is known as a very famous tourist destination, with many delicious dishes at extremely reasonable prices. There are also many delicious and quality rice restaurants here. Let’s take a look at the Vietnam Reviewer.

Top 5 best rice restaurants in Long An Province

Com Lan Restaurant

is Another famous rice restaurant in Long An, try it once and you will remember it forever. The menu of Quan Com Lan is quite diverse with simple dishes but containing the full flavor of ancient times. The dishes are highly traditional but still have irresistible tastes and flavors such as rice, soup, cassava filling, potato filling, and unmanned pho,… Enjoy the food while experiencing the ancient space. is in the narrative.

Although the food is delicious and diverse, Quan Com Lan’s prices are extremely affordable and suitable for office workers or workers. The restaurant also serves strange and attractive salads, as well as food delivery services for customers who live far away and cannot come to the restaurant. With an enthusiastic and agile service style, this is a place worth visiting if you visit Long An. The advantage here is that the seats at the restaurant are clean and airy, and the owner is cheerful and enthusiastic, making customers very satisfied with the service.

Com Lan Restaurant - Top 5 best rice restaurants in Long An Province
Com Lan Restaurant
  • Address:
    • No. 9 Tra Quy Binh, Tan An, Long An
    • 164 Street No. 5, Tan An, Long An
  • Phone: 027 2382 4141 & 0786 230 291
  • Email: caongan230291@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/quancomlan/
  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Nha La Rice Restaurant

Famous as a popular, clean, delicious rice restaurant with cheap prices, Nha La Rice Restaurant is known to many people. With a cool space and affordable prices, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. Nha La Rice Restaurant is a good choice that cannot be missed from the list of delicious rice restaurants in Long An. The special thing here is that the dipping sauce is prepared very well: seasoning sauce, shrimp sauce, shrimp sauce, braised fish sauce, clear fish sauce, etc. Depending on the type of food, they prepare almost enough to add more. Delicious side to the meal.

The menu at the restaurant is diverse such as braised goby, crab soup, boiled meat with shrimp paste, fried eggs, stir-fried vegetables, etc. Professional service style, cheerful and enthusiastic staff even when the restaurant is crowded and needs to be served quick service. If you want to change your taste and experience outside, Nha La Rice Restaurant will be a delicious rice restaurant that will satisfy your customers. Take an afternoon to visit Nha La Rice Restaurant to enjoy the delicious flavors here. Don’t forget to stay at the delicious rice restaurant in Long An.

Nha La Rice Restaurant - Top 5 best rice restaurants in Long An Province
Nha La Rice Restaurant
  • Address: 119 QL1, Tan An, Long An
  • Phone: 027 2382 9982
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00

Rice Shop 39

Restaurant 39 is an ideal address if you want to enjoy simple and wallet-friendly dishes with the taste of home-cooked rice. The restaurant’s menu is always varied every day of the week and has many vegetable and salty dishes to suit the preferences of visiting diners. The food here is always fresh and delicious because the ingredients are always purchased and prepared on the same day. The restaurant also has a home delivery service for those who do not have the time or conditions to go to the restaurant. If you are looking for an address with delicious home-cooked food, please note the restaurant address immediately.

Restaurant 39’s menu is always rich and diverse with all kinds of meat from chicken, beef, duck, fish, pork, etc. processed into extremely salty dishes for rice. For delivery, the shop will package the goods in very neat, clean, and careful boxes with super fast delivery time. The waiter and owner are all very friendly and gentle with customers. The restaurant space is spacious and clean, suitable for a lunch that meets the criteria of fast – compact – cheap – and delicious.

Rice Shop 39 - Top 5 best rice restaurants in Long An Province
Rice Shop 39
  • Address: Tan An, Long An
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:30

Thuan Thao Broken Rice Restaurant

Another familiar name to the broken rice-loving team in Long An is Thuan Thao Tam Com Restaurant. The shop has a bright, polite space with agile and enthusiastic staff, so it attracts quite a few customers every day. Tables and chairs are always arranged neatly and cleanly, giving diners a comfortable feeling when coming here.

The rice is hot and soft, and the ribs are thin, marinated well, and absorbent, I came right after grilling, and the ribs were fragrant. The rich grilled meat rice will be combined with salted pickles to make it more flavorful and not boring. When coming to Quan Com Tam Thuan Thao restaurant, customers just need to mix it with rice and pork ribs, sprinkle some onion fat with sweet and sour fish sauce, and add a little spicy chili and sour food for a delicious taste that will never leave you. In addition to broken rice, the restaurant also has grilled meat vermicelli and grilled meat cakes, which also sell very well. The rice at Com Tam Thuan Thao Restaurant is soft and not too dry or mushy, and extra rice is free of charge. Come to Thuan Thao Tam Com Restaurant to enjoy yourself with friends and relatives, it is an extremely perfect choice.

Thuan Thao Broken Rice Restaurant
Thuan Thao Broken Rice Restaurant
  • Address: 129 DT824, Duc Hoa District, Long An

Hung Vy Lunch

The next restaurant that the Vietnam Reviewer wants to introduce is Hung Vy Lunch. Hung Vy Lunch is known as a restaurant with many delicious dishes at affordable prices in Long An. Hung Vy Lunch with spacious space, polite and clean layout. It is loved by office workers because of its extremely rich menu with delicious and attractive dishes and a team of fast, attentive, and enthusiastic service staff.

Confident with a team of professional chefs, with delicious hot meals, ensuring food hygiene and safety, Hung Vy Lunch will surely satisfy you. Hung Vy Lunch is highly appreciated because the food is always hot, the quality is extremely good with very generous meals, so, at noon, you will have a little difficulty finding a seat. The restaurant also has a delivery service, so even if you’re busy, you can still enjoy it. Coming to Hung Vy Lunch, you will enjoy flavors with extremely unique and attractive creativity.

Hung Vy Lunch
Hung Vy Lunch
  • Address: Duc Hoa District, Long An
  • Phone: 0793 432 219
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00

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If you have the opportunity to visit Long An, remember to visit these places, you will not be disappointed. Hopefully, the suggestions of the Vietnam Reviewer have brought you more interesting experiences. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email through vietnamreviewer.contact@gmail.com!

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