Recently, tourists often choose to stay at local homestays when traveling to a new land. When staying at a homestay, you not only get to experience a lifestyle close to the people but also stay in beautiful rooms with “expensive” views that are not inferior to luxury resorts but at a much more affordable price. Below, Vietnam Reviewer would like to introduce a list of quality homestays that you should try when traveling to An Giang.

Top 5 “cool” Homestays in An Giang you should try when traveling to 

Nha Cua May – Forbidden Mountain Homestay

When looking at the photos from Nha Cua May – Nui Cam Homestay, you will be surprised that there is a beautiful homestay like “Da Lat” right in An Giang. Nha Cu May was built right halfway up Cam Mountain, also known as Thien Cam Son, which is the roof of the West with an altitude of over 700m.

On chilly mornings at Nha Cua May – Nui Cam Homestay, you can easily see the scene of fog spreading across the path or a sea of clouds filled with extremely romantic sunrises. Due to being in a natural mountain forest area, guests at Nha Cua May can also have the opportunity to meet mountain monkeys coming to eat fruit or flocks of birds chirping endlessly.

When choosing to stay at Nha Cu May – Homestay Nui Cam, you will stay in wooden bungalows with thatched roofs close to nature but still fully furnished. Every corner of the homestay can take extremely high-quality check-in photos. The homestay’s meals are all rustic Western dishes from ingredients grown at home.

Besides, Nha Cua May – Cam Mountain Homestay is also convenient for travel to famous tourist attractions such as Lam Vien Cam Mountain cable car tourist area, Thanh Long Water Park, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, and Can Tho Mountain. An Hao solar power plant,… and hot check-in spots such as heart palm tree, Otuksa Lake, Latina Lake, and Cham pagoda,… This is the top homestay you must try when traveling. to Cam Mountain, An Giang.

Nha Cua May - Forbidden Mountain Homestay - Top 5 "cool" Homestays in An Giang you should try when traveling to
Nha Cua May – Forbidden Mountain Homestay
  • Address: Cam Mountain, Thien Tue Hamlet, An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang
  • Phone: 0917 700 153
  • Fanpage:

Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc

Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc is a famous homestay combining accommodation and ecotourism in Chau Doc, An Giang. Built on a land area of more than 1 hectare, Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc includes a separate bungalow area with an area suitable for groups of 2-8 people, suitable for couples, families, and groups of friends.

On the campus of Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc, there is also a small farm with cages growing vegetables, melons, golden melons,… outdoor gardens growing flowers, medicinal plants, ornamental plants, and freshwater lakes to raise fish. and ducks, a restaurant area that can accommodate up to 100 people, and a badminton playground for sports lovers.

Each room of Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc is fully furnished, and clean, and has a private bathroom, prices only range from 300,000 VND – to 800,000 VND depending on capacity. The restaurant area serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with extremely fresh and attractive “home-grown” ingredients. In addition, if you do not need to stay overnight, you can still come here to visit and picnic during the day.

Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc is located right in the city center. Chau Doc, An Giang so it is very convenient to move to famous attractions such as Ba Chua Xu Temple of Sam Mountain, Sam Mountain Cable Car, Da Phuoc Cham Village, JAMIUL AZHAR MOSQUE Mosque, Hang Pagoda, Lau Pagoda, Thien Anh flower field,… And many famous restaurants and entertainment venues in this city.

Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc - Top 5 "cool" Homestays in An Giang you should try when traveling to
Homestay FaMi Nguyen Chau Doc
  • Address: Tan Kieu Luong Road, Chau Thoi 1 Cluster, Chau Phu B Ward, City. Chau Doc, An Giang
  • Phone: 0296 357 1333
  • Fanpage:

Two Ci CAMP Camping Homestay

Two Ci CAMP Camping Homestay is a camping location that is being sought after by many young people in Long Xuyen, An Giang. Located on My Hoa Hung island, the camping site is only 10 minutes by ferry from the city center, so it is extremely convenient for a short picnic. This will be a unique experience when sleeping in a tent in the middle of vast fields under the moonlight, enjoying the scent of the fields and the wind without lacking any comfort.

When camping at Two Ci CAMP Camping Homestay, you will be taken care of from A – Z by home with services such as:

  • Rent a tent with full blankets and blankets for 2 – 4 people
  • BBQ party
  • Eat European standards right at Two Ci CAMP restaurant
  • Flip flops, clean bathroom, toilet

With a “million-like” view next to lush green rice fields, you will find unique virtual photos. Besides, you can enjoy a barbecue with friends, get drunk with cool beers, or simply eat a light, delicious meal under shimmering candlelight while the sound of crickets chirping at the restaurant. Two Ci CAMP Camping Homestay.

Camping at Two Ci CAMP Camping Homestay, visitors can combine visiting tourist attractions located on My Hoa Hung island such as President Ton Duc Thang Memorial Area, Rose Apple Garden, Cherry Ecological Garden, Buu Long Co Tu,… A small note: the homestay is most beautiful from the time the rice is green until the rice is ripe and golden, you should contact them before coming!

Two Ci CAMP Camping Homestay - Top 5 "cool" Homestays in An Giang you should try when traveling to
Two Ci CAMP Camping Homestay
  • Address: My Hoa Hung Island, Long Xuyen, An Giang
  • Phone: 0896 661 227
  • Fanpage:

Thien Cam Son Camping – Homestay Cam Mountain

Immersing yourself in the atmosphere of nature, of heaven and earth will make people feel pure and peaceful. No need to look far, right at Homestay Thien Cam Son you will feel it. The homestay was built on natural land called Thien Cam Son, located near the top of Cam Mountain. This is one of the majestic mountains in the mysterious Seven Mountains region.

Here, you will experience the majestic scenery of nature with a mild climate and extremely fresh and clean air. You will receive sunlight shining directly into the room as soon as it is dawn, and watch the extremely romantic sunset as the sun begins to set. There’s nothing better than getting away from the hustle and bustle of life, the noise and bustle of the city, going far away to see the sky and earth, slowing down step by step to feel the happiness of life.

Coming to Thien Cam Son Homestay, you will experience sleeping outside in a tent fully furnished with blankets, sheets, pillows, and high-quality rubber mattresses to help you have an enjoyable experience while still having a good night’s sleep after the activities. tiring play. You can also experience bathing in a cool stream from nature, have fun together around a campfire at night, challenge archery at a distance of 3m, dress up in costumes such as Vietnamese, Mongolian, Han Phuc, Sapa, Ao dai, etc. …You can also enjoy an evening BBQ party with a glass of wine, helping to erase your worries and confide everything to each other.

In addition, the homestay also serves you breakfast with a cup of coffee or hot tea so that you and your friends and relatives can hunt clouds together and welcome the coming dawn. There are many other interesting activities when you choose to stay at Thien Cam Son Homestay. One thing you should keep in mind when coming here is that Thien Cam Son Homestay is located at an altitude of 700m above sea level, so at night the weather will be quite cold so bring thick clothes to keep your body warm.

Thien Cam Son Camping - Homestay Cam Mountain
Thien Cam Son Camping – Homestay Cam Mountain
  • Address: On Cam Mountain, Thien Tue Hamlet, Tinh Bien, An Giang
  • Phone: 0373 020 318 – 0949 106 296
  • Facebook:

Shelter Homestay

Shelter Homestay will be the appropriate address in choosing a homestay so you can both experience the beauty of An Giang and have a place to rest and relax. Homestay is located right in the center of Chau Doc city, only 5 minutes by car to famous tourist destinations. This is truly an extremely convenient location for you to have a relaxing and comfortable vacation.

Homestay Shelter will be a great shelter with many different amenities, you will have a memorable vacation when you choose to stop here. You can go to famous tourist destinations in An Giang such as Victoria Nui Sam Hotel, Tra Su Melaleuca forest, Khmer Pagoda’s Heaven Gate, Ta Pa Lake, Thot Not Heart Tree, Floating Market, Be Village, Cham Village and markets. Chau Doc, Hang Pagoda, Go Cambodia Market, Ba Chau Doc Pagoda. These locations are very close to the homestay, so you can rest assured of going out without worrying about long distances.

Homestay Shelter has 2 types of rooms for you to choose from. Superior room – single room with a capacity of 2 guests/room, with an area of 25m2 with a 1.6m bed using high-quality, soft, clean sheets, spacious and comfortable bathroom with full hot and cold water. Twin room – double room with a capacity of 3-4 guests/room, with an area of 30m2, equipped with a bed of 1m8 and full other amenities right in the room. All rooms have windows and airy balconies. The special thing at Homestay Shelter is that you will enjoy Southern dishes cooked by the hostess. You can order according to the menu at very reasonable prices and the taste is impeccable.

Shelter Homestay
Shelter Homestay
  • Address: 188 Truong Dinh, Ward B, Chau Doc, An Giang
  • Phone: 0903 0606 93 & 0913 821 077
  • Facebook:

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Above is the “quality as distilled water” homestays in An Giang that Vietnam Reviewer compiled. Hope you will find a suitable place to stay and have an exciting trip to An Giang. Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip here. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to!

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