When traveling to Sapa, you will see the vast fragrant lotus fields, visit fruit orchards, and enjoy special dishes imbued with the culinary features of this region. In this article, Vietnam Reviewer will introduce to you the most famous delicious restaurant in Sapa, Lao Cai right away.

Top 5 most famous and delicious restaurants in Sapa, Lao Cai

King Sturgeon Restaurant

Why is Ca Tam Vua Restaurant the best choice for groups of guests especially hot tiktokers? When talking about large groups and large parties, diners cannot help but mention Ca Sturgeon Restaurant, an outstanding address with a large capacity and countless attractive dishes. Not only famous for dishes made from Sapa sturgeon… Coming to the restaurant, you can also get authentic Northwest meals at extremely reasonable prices. You will be spoiled for choice of food for your stomach, but the price is extremely favorable. Make sure you will have delicious meals and authentic Northwest dishes to make your visit to Sapa more enjoyable.

King Sturgeon Restaurant - Top 5 most famous and delicious restaurants in Sapa, Lao Cai
King Sturgeon Restaurant

The dishes are cooked from fresh, clean ingredients, prepared by the chef according to the traditional flavors of the mountains and forests. You will clearly see the fascination in each dish, unique and unforgettable. Especially, staff at King Sturgeon Restaurant serves quickly and enthusiastically. This helps you have a happy meal, giving you a much more delicious feeling. Not only famous for its beautiful scenery, cool climate, and unique culture, Sapa is also known as the Northwest culinary paradise – unique and strange dishes of the people here. Coming to Sapa, in addition to sightseeing, you must definitely try the traditional dishes here to taste all the flavors of this land.

  • Address: 09 Fansipan, Sa Pa Ward, Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai Province
  • Phone: 0367 371 431
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/NhahangCaTamVua
  • Opening hours: Open all day

Cho Tinh Quan – 22 Ngu Chi Son

Besides the delicious fresh fish pieces, there is the shop’s extremely special tom yum sauce. If you are familiar with salmon hotpot, salmon salad, and grilled salmon, today let’s learn about Lemongrass Salmon – One of the hottest dishes at Cho Tinh Quan – 22 Ngu Chi Son. The tender fish meat has a rich sweet taste, the light lemongrass sauce is very stimulating to the sense of smell, and the taste is moderate, and does not overwhelm the taste of the fish, making it unique to eat. To bring customers fresh, safe, and pure experiences, we have our own farm and aquarium at the restaurant. Coming to Sapa, you definitely cannot miss the famous specialty salmon. However, to bring a new flavor to customers, we have researched a special sauce recipe to make the salmon dish more unique but still retain the characteristic taste of salmon.

Cho Tinh Quan - 22 Ngu Chi Son - Top 5 most famous and delicious restaurants in Sapa, Lao Cai
Cho Tinh Quan – 22 Ngu Chi Son

Introducing the Lemongrass Salmon dish. The menu is diverse, especially famous for specialties such as lemongrass salmon, fried salmon with oolong tea, sturgeon with tom yum sauce, black chicken brewed with pumpkin, steamed horse, coffee sauce horse… There is a farm specifically for raising sturgeon and salmon to ensure fresh, safe, and pure raw materials. Spacious parking space, the restaurant is up to 300m2 wide with 3-story architecture, accommodating up to 400 guests. The space is imbued with indigenous culture, with a very chill view towards Sapa Lake. Only at Cho Tinh Quan – 22 Ngu Chi Son, every Saturday night there will be a cultural program recreating the Sapa Love Market.

  • Address: 22 Ngu Chi Son, Sa Pa Ward, Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai Province
  • Phone: 0888 993 773
  • Website: https://www.chotinhquan.com/
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Nhahangngontaisapa
  • Opening hours: 08:30 – 23:00

A Phu Sapa Restaurant

If you are a lover of unique cuisine, then “Smoky Horse” will definitely not disappoint you. With a delicate combination of fresh horse meat and unique ingredients, this dish will bring you a delightful dining experience. Come and discover the exquisite taste of bacon at A Phu Sapa Restaurant. Book your table today and prepare for an exhilarating culinary journey. Serving many specialties of Sapa: Thang Co, Salmon hot pot with sturgeon, Boar, Stir-fried forest vegetables, Grilled horse,… you are spoiled for choice. The location is located on the town center opposite Sunplaza. The 300 square meter space can accommodate more than 400 guests…

A Phu Sapa Restaurant - Top 5 most famous and delicious restaurants in Sapa, Lao Cai
A Phu Sapa Restaurant

A Phu Sapa Restaurant is an ideal place for groups of tourists in Sapa. Come to A Phu Restaurant, you will surely enjoy many delicious dishes of the Northwest. Cozy space: From the moment you step into the restaurant, you will immediately feel the warm and friendly atmosphere, like family welcoming you home. Diverse experience: With a rich local menu, from specialty delicacies to familiar dishes, we guarantee to satisfy all tastes and expectations of your family. Commitment to Quality: Don’t Worry About Reliability! A Phu Restaurant is proud of positive reviews from customers, which is proof of our professionalism and reputation.

  • Address: 15 Fansipan, Sa Pa Ward, Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai Province
  • Phone: 0868 159 900
  • Email: nhahangaphusapa@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/aphusapa
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 23:00

Hai Lam Sapa Restaurant

Grilled green pepper chicken is a dish that is not unfamiliar to diners visiting Sa Pa, but can you really eat authentic grilled green pepper chicken? Hai Lam Sa Pa Restaurant has a genuine copyrighted grilled chicken with green pepper, the chicken is carefully selected from the village, and processed with a unique recipe to bring a flavor like no other. Besides, the restaurant also offers a menu with many delicious Northwest dishes: black chicken stewed with pumpkin, salmon salad, sturgeon hotpot,… Because it is a “specialty” – every house sells it so everyone is selling. Because of its reputation as a “specialty”, it is inevitable that the recipe will be copied but not done properly or properly. Therefore, there will be many mixed opinions about this dish.

Hai Lam Sapa Restaurant
Hai Lam Sapa Restaurant

Not only does it have a variety of delicious dishes, but Hai Lam SaPa Restaurant also owns a spacious space with a large capacity, a prime location in the town so it is not difficult to find and the price is extremely reasonable. Come to Sapa, don’t forget to visit Hai Lam restaurant. The chefs at Hai Lam have been very meticulous and meticulous to bring this dish to diners. From the selection of chicken to the ingredients and processing. Black chicken cooked with red apples, goji berries, pumpkin,… is not only delicious but also extremely nutritious. Your party table should also have grilled chicken with green pepper sauce, grilled beef on bamboo tubes, stir-fried wild vegetables with garlic, grilled chicken with bamboo-tube rice, salad, and burnt sturgeon with garlic,…

  • Address: 69 Xuan Vien, Sa Pa Ward, Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai Province
  • Phone: 0964 967 802
  • Email: nhahanghailamsapa@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nhahanghailamsapa
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:30

SaPa Hai Yen Restaurant

Uploaded the menu with nearly 40 new dishes for diners to choose from such as Grilled, Hot Pot, Sasimi Salmon, Herring, salads, fried dishes, desserts, sweet soup, ice cream, soup… more diverse and rich. Bringing you the perfect Grill and hot Pot experience in the misty Northwest land. With typical spices such as doi seeds, mac khen seeds, honey leaves, cat mustard leaves, and wild shiitake mushrooms… from the Northwest mountains, it has created an unforgettable flavor in the hearts of visitors when enjoying Food at Northwest Sa Pa Grill & Hot Pot Buffet restaurant. The line counter is ready to welcome you to enjoy the special dishes of the Northwest high mountains.

SaPa Hai Yen Restaurant
SaPa Hai Yen Restaurant

The buffet at Hai Yen SaPa Restaurant is extremely diverse, the grilled dishes are very delicious and attractive – very eye-catching. I love the ribs, beef rolls, Northwest pork… grilled on the restaurant’s charcoal grill the most. The meat is prepared simply, but because the meat is fresh and has a Northwest-style sauce, it is delicious to eat. Plus some Sa Pa street-style grilled skewers: five-colored pork skewers, grilled pork belly,… and fried dishes, all of which are delicious and attractive. Once you’re addicted, don’t ask me to pay you back.

  • Address: 12 Thach Son, Sa Pa Ward, Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai Province
  • Phone: 0916 361 166
  • Email: nhahabghaiyensapa@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/buffetnuonglautaybac199
  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00

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Above are the most delicious and famous restaurants in Sapa, Lao Cai. If you live and work here or have the opportunity to visit here, please go to the above addresses to verify the quality. Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip here. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to vietnamreviewer.contact@gmail.com!

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