Ha Long City is currently a developing tourist destination. There are many different forms of entertainment here. Among them, Ha Long Bar is also a very popular destination for young people, especially those who love music and excitement. In the article below, Vietnam Reviewer will share with you some of the most famous bars in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh for your reference.

Top 6 most famous bars in Ha Long

New Ha Long Club

New Ha Long Club is the first name that Vietnam Reviewer wants to mention in the list of the most famous and vibrant bars in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. Coming here, you will be immersed in a luxurious space filled with vibrant dance music and a world-class music system! With an investment amount of millions of dollars, New Ha Long Club is a super discotheque of international standards with a budget of more than 3 million dollars.

New Ha Long Club - Top 6 most famous bars in Ha Long Near You
New Ha Long Club

Coming to New Ha Long Club, you will be overwhelmed by the luxurious and classy space with a capacity of up to 1,500 guests. Standing out in the center of the restaurant is a majestic stage. Make sure you will enjoy extremely impressive music parties with a superb sound and light system. This place also brings together young singers and top DJs to perform. New Ha Long Club is not only an entertainment venue but also a place to organize meetings and birthday parties for young people who love excitement.

However, prices here will be a bit higher than in other places. If you go in a group, you should book a combo table, there will be different prices for you to choose from. To avoid running out of tables, you can contact the restaurant’s hotline to reserve a table in advance.

  • Address: Group 6, Area 6, Yet Kieu, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0947 928 989 & 0398 456 511
  • Email: havvpq00125@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/newhalongclub

H Club

H Club is the largest and most famous bar in the Bai Chay area, Ha Long City. With an area of 4000m2 (construction area 1000m2), H Club’s capacity can be up to 1200 guests. Not only does it revive the golden age of Vietnamese nightlife, but H club also renews the standards of nightclubs.

H Club - Top 6 most famous bars in Ha Long Near You
H Club

H Club is divided into 3 main areas with a sound system imported from London that makes the sound very detailed, and clear, with strong pressure, but the sound is softer:

  • VIP area: Business class jet with 30 tables named after famous landscapes in Ha Long such as Van Don, Bach Dang, Tu Long, Co To…
  • Standard area: Economy class aircraft and catwalk sections serving art performances.
  • Dancer Booth: Placed in 4 corners of the floor to attract all guests’ eyes, in addition, VIP tables all have their own dancer booths.

In addition, on special occasions, this place also regularly invites Vietnam’s top singers and DJs to perform.

Reasons why young people often choose H Club as a place to hang out and gather:

  • There are many incentives and attractive combos that are super beneficial to customers
  • Good service quality, enthusiastic staff
  • Lively music, burning with passion, dissolved into hot trending songs
  • There are often unexpected performances, making customers admire and admire
  • Address: Group 7, Area 4, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0986 121 866
  • Email: hclubhalong2018@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/hclubhalong/
  • Opening hours: 20:00 – 02:00

New Square Bar

A name that cannot be ignored in the list of the most famous bars in Ha Long City is New Square Bar. This place is considered the best bar to visit when coming to Ha Long. With a bar space design from the catwalk to the bar-like sound and lighting. On weekends, New Square Bar will have famous singers and DJs performing.

New Square Bar - Top 6 most famous bars in Ha Long Near You
New Square Bar

In addition, New Square Bar is also a place chosen by many people to celebrate their birthdays. With an extremely luxurious space and many birthday incentives, this will definitely be an unforgettable experience with friends.

Reasons you should go to New Square Bar when coming to Ha Long:

  • A place where many famous domestic DJs converge, with rich experience, bringing out all emotions
  • The luxurious, clean, comfortable space will make you feel comfortable when playing here
  • There are many promotions on birthdays and normal days, along with other extremely attractive combos
  • Speaker system, classy sound that knocks out all emotions

Furthermore, New Square Bar’s prices are very reasonable, which is also a plus point that attracts many young people to come here.

  • Address: Group 5, Area 9, Cai Dam, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0964 642 219
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/deepcaffehalong
  • Opening hours: 19:00 – 02:00

Valley Beach Club

It is one of the best entertainment places in Ha Long City, Valley Beach Club is different from other bars, located in a beautiful location on Bai Chay Beach, an ideal and unique destination for you to organize Beach Parties with friends and relatives. . With a direct view of the sea, Valley Beach Club promises to bring passengers unforgettable moments of joy.

Valley Beach Club
Valley Beach Club

This is a place to organize events, events, and high entertainment, so the quality of sound and lighting equipment at the restaurant is also very modern and meets international standards. With open space, Valley Beach Club can welcome a large number of customers. Customers can comfortably find a seat for themselves without worrying about having to book in advance. The restaurant’s parking lot is also spacious and convenient for visitors with private cars.

With the participation of many top famous stars, singers, and DJs such as Tuan Hung, Noo Phuoc Thinh, DJ M’Bons, DJ Binz, DJ Trang Moon, DJ Thien Hi, DJ Tit,… Valley Beach The Club always brings surprises to all guests with unique performances by many professional dancers and performers.

  • Address: Subgroup Bai Chay Beach, Tuan Chau, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0356 548 999 & 0899 386 586
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/ValleyBeachHL
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 02:00

FOM Club

FOM Club is a big brand and very familiar to young people, especially those who have hobbies or want to experience nightlife. FOM Club has an impressive space and quality music taste. Excellent sound and lighting system with top DJs. Therefore, this place has become one of the most famous and quality bars in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh.

FOM Club
FOM Club

FOM Club is located in the golden land of Bai Chay, in the middle of the classy entertainment and resort area of Sunworld’s old town. FOM Club Ha Long is an ideal meeting place for those who love music, a vibrant atmosphere, and want to find new experiences.

Elegant architecture, modern design, and lively space are the highlights of the bar. FOM Club’s standard sound and lighting system, trendy music style, and professional service attitude will conquer the most demanding customers.

FOM Club is known as a bar that extremely pampers “players” with 5-no standards:

  • No table reservation fee
  • No entrance fee
  • No surcharge for a total bill
  • No waste of writing on the screen
  • No photography fees
  • Address: Opposite Novotel Bai Chay Hotel, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0326 822 822
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/fleurdormaisonbarhl
  • Opening hours: 20:00 – 02:00

Sky21 Bar & Lounge

Located in a prime location in the middle of the city. Vibrant Ha Long, Sky21 Bar & Lounge is located on the 21st floor – the highest floor of FLC Grand Hotel Ha Long. This place is one of the famous meeting spots for Ha Long “players”. Designed in a style that is both classic and modern, combined with a “super virtual” LED lighting system with no dead corners, coming to Sky21 Bar & Lounge, you will be completely immersed in the splendid shining space here.

Sky21 Bar & Lounge is considered a “luxury bar with a million-dollar view” overlooking the entire Ha Long Bay. At night, sparkling lights from the city mixed with vibrant music and premium cuisine promise to be extremely “tasteful” elements for trendy, business guests.

The drink menu at Sky21 Bar & Lounge is diverse from spirits, craft beer, and mocktails to signature cocktails, all carefully selected from famous names. Besides, this is also a place to create classy experience journeys for customers from modern space, architecture, art, and music.

In particular, with the quality of each product and the focus on investing in space and style, Sky21 Bar & Lounge has excellently won the International Best Hotel Bar 2022 award. This is an award to honor the best hotel bars in the world. High-end restaurants and bars are highly rated by customers and experts.

  • Address: 21st Floor, FLC Grand Hotel Ha Long, Nguyen Van Cu, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0382 909 866
  • Email: resa@flchalong.com.vn
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/sky21barlounge
  • Business hours:
    • Monday – Thursday & Sunday: 17:00 – 00:00
    • Friday, Saturday: 17:00 – 01:00

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Above are some suggestions for famous bars in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh that the Vietnam Reviewer just shared with you. If you have the opportunity to visit Ha Long, don’t miss these addresses! Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip to Halong Bay. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to vietnamreviewer.contact@gmail.com!

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