When mentioning milk tea, Vietnamese people will immediately think of cool glasses of milk tea with sweet, sticky pearls. Because of the familiarity and diversity of milk tea today, many stores have been established to meet the needs of “milk tea” fans. Right in Dak Nong, you can easily find a stop to enjoy the most delicious cups of milk tea.

Top 7 best milk tea shops in Dak Nong Province

TocoToco Dak Nong

TocoToco is one of the top milk tea brands in the country. The unit currently has many branches in many provinces and cities across the country, including Dak Nong. TocoToco milk tea has a price quite suitable for students. The reasonable price along with excellent product quality and authentic milk tea flavor are the reasons for the appeal of TocoToco milk tea to young people.

At TocoToco, you can request the right amount of sugar to enjoy the cool, slightly astringent taste of tea leaves combined with the sweet, fatty flavor of milk and delicious, chewy tapioca pearls. With diverse and rich toppings, you will fall in love with TocoToco milk tea. Menu with a variety of drinks so customers can freely choose.

TocoToco is a milk tea brand loved by young people thanks to the great flavors the drink brings along with affordable and suitable prices. So why hesitate and enjoy a glass of TocoToco milk tea for a sweet, energetic day?

TocoToco Dak Nong - Top 7 Best Milk Tea Shops in Dak Nong Province
TocoToco Dak Nong
  • Address: No. 17, Ba Thang Hai, Nghia Tan, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0946 436 393
  • Email: vannam.thptgianghia@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/Tocotocodaknong

Hien Coffee & Tea

Hien Coffee & Tea is a famous milk tea shop in Dak Nong that is known to many people, especially young people. Because the prices here are extremely reasonable, even for students. Along with that, the shop regularly has discounts and promotions. Each occasion will have customer appreciation programs. Enthusiastic and dynamic staff. The store staff are all friendly and work quickly. That is the reason why the restaurant is loved so much.

Coffee & Tea Porch has a cool space, eye-catching decor, and many corners for virtual living, so young people love coming here. The restaurant’s menu is very diverse with many different dishes. The unit always updates new drinks to keep up with trends and meet customer needs. The drinks here are not only delicious but also very beautiful. The unit always listens to and receives customer feedback to improve the store’s products and services.

Hien Coffee & Tea - Top 7 Best Milk Tea Shops in Dak Nong Province
Hien Coffee & Tea
  • Address: 151 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Kien Duc, Dak R’Lap, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0933 555 148 & 0336 913 265
  • Email: ducnghia26121995@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/hienxinchao

H&T Homemade Milk Tea

Reasonable price, easy to find, easy to drink, and the taste is irresistibly delicious – no wonder why over the years, milk tea has always been the top favorite drink of young people. Grasping the need for young people to enjoy milk tea, the H&T Homemade Milk Tea shop was born in Dak Nong. With a diverse menu and a series of typical drinks, plus the store has a very beautiful view, in just a short time, this brand has quickly been included in the top favorites of Dak Nong youth.

Milk tea drinks at H&T are the perfect combination of the sweet taste of tea, rich milk cream, and chewy, crunchy pearls. Also H&T always quietly and meticulously completes each step for itself, from finding and buying reputable brands to building the shop and producing delicious, homemade cups of tea. Each type of tea and tropping such as pearls, flutes, and puddings… is hand-processed by the shop according to strict recipes and standards, bringing a unique delicious flavor.

In general, this brand’s menu is quite diverse, and attractive and serves many customers. Among countless large and small milk tea shops in the city, H&T still confidently asserts itself and becomes an attractive destination for milk tea lovers.

H&T Homemade Milk Tea - Top 7 Best Milk Tea Shops in Dak Nong Province
H&T Homemade Milk Tea
  • Address: 46 Huynh Thuc Khang, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0764 616 936
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/trasuanhalamHT
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Miti Cafe – Miu Tea Dak Nong

Miti Cafe – Miu Tea Dak Nong – Made in Vietnam milk tea store chain, although “born late” has been attracting the attention of many young people with a series of “hot hit” drinks. Currently, Miu Tea is present in Dak Nong province and is enthusiastically received by customers in the area. At Miutea, food hygiene and safety are given top priority. All the ingredients to create drinks have clear origins and are fully certified by the Ministry of Health, so you can completely You can rest assured when enjoying milk tea at the shop.

Coming here, you can easily find and enjoy drinks that are “hot” on all fronts such as fresh milk with black sugar pearls, grilled milk tea, fruit teas… Instead of having to give up Despite spending hundreds of thousands for a cup of milk tea, you can still enjoy popular drinks at affordable prices, moreover, created in a unique way by the barista team.

In addition, Miti Cafe – Miu Tea Dak Nong has a research department to create new drinks, fruit tea mixed with typical tropical flavors. This is also the attraction of Miti Cafe – Miu Tea Dak Nong when there is a variety of drinks, suitable for each customer’s individual taste.

Miti Cafe - Miu Tea Dak Nong
Miti Cafe – Miu Tea Dak Nong
  • Address: Ton Duc Thang, Nghia Trung, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0935 876 464 & 0378 000 127
  • Email: Thaoquyen165@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/miuteadaknong
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Den Can Milk Tea

Since opening, Den Can Milk Tea has quickly become a familiar destination for milk tea fans because of its delicious drinks, quality service, and friendly space in Dak Nong. With the operating criteria “Clean ingredients and clear origins can create quality drinks in terms of both flavor and ingredients”. Den Can is visited by many young people to enjoy its diverse menu, always updated with the latest drinks to keep up with current trends.

Den Cam Milk Tea has more than 40 dishes for customers to choose from on the menu. Every dish will have a different flavor and depending on each person’s preferences, adjust the amount of sugar and ice to suit your taste. The shop’s best-selling milk tea flavors include taro milk tea, matcha milk tea, chocolate milk tea… Come to the airy, fresh space of Den Can shop to chat with friends and sip a glass of milk tea. Cheap and delicious, there’s nothing better! In addition, the shop also serves many other drinks at very student prices along with many other snacks.

Den Can Milk Tea
Den Can Milk Tea
  • Address: 68 Chu Van An Street, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0948 887 000
  • Email: denlun999@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/dencanmilktea/

Moon Tea milk tea

Milk tea is a drink associated with student days with a delicious taste, it has become a favorite and “familiar” drink of young people. Therefore, to meet the needs of customers, Moon Tea Milk Tea shop was born in Dak Nong and became a frequent destination for snack lovers. A special feature of this shop is that the milk tea menu has many flavors and different toppings that make your cup of milk tea look more attractive and delicious. With continuous change and development, Moon Tea Milk Tea has gradually affirmed its position in the hearts of young people in Dak Nong today.

To have the right taste of milk tea, the maker must know how to combine the tea with milk so that it blends well and is fragrant enough. How to make the topping or how to brew the tea in the right quantity to achieve that flavor is also the secret that Moon Tea Milk Tea Shop makes the most delicious cups of milk tea. In addition, if you cannot visit the shop to enjoy it, you can contact the owner to order and receive milk tea at home. Because of the outstanding advantages of this milk tea shop, Moon Tea Milk Tea is considered the “national milk tea” for all audiences, born with the criteria of delicious – cheap – and safe.

Moon Tea milk tea
Moon Tea milk tea
  • Address: Village 3, Right Nga 3, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0978 955 115
  • Email: tuyetkung@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/TRASUAMOONTEANHANCO
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

SuHi Milk Tea

It can be said that drinking milk tea has become a familiar drink for young people at this time. With just the right amount of sweet, fatty, seductive flavor, and delicious colorful toppings, SuHi milk tea has been making every customer crazy even if they just come to drink it once. SuHi milk tea’s menu is diverse with rich milk tea flavors combined with toppings from familiar to new. Familiar milk tea toppings such as black pearls, white pearls, pudding jelly… The prices of drinks here are very reasonable.

The restaurant space is airy and modern with bright colors suitable for young people. This is an ideal place to meet, chat and relax. Enthusiastic professional staff, meeting all customer needs. All drinks are thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being delivered to customers. So you can rest assured and trust the water quality here. In addition, the company has promotions for customers. Please follow the store’s page to not miss out on promotions.

SuHi Milk Tea
SuHi Milk Tea
  • Address: 112 Chu Van An, Nghia Thanh, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
  • Phone: 0898 350 123
  • Email: suhigianghia@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070389813466

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The special thing about milk tea is the combination of tea and milk creating new flavors. To satisfy milk tea enthusiasts, you should try the addresses suggested by the Vietnam Reviewer above to find the most satisfactory place to stop. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to vietnamreviewer.contact@gmail.com!

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