In the past few years, Ha Giang has become a famous tourist destination loved by backpackers. Ha Giang is a land with poetic beauty of hundreds of blooming flowers, sky-high mountains, and countless streams and rivers. This is also a place famous for its long-standing cultural customs and specialties that anyone who eats once will remember forever. If you are planning to go to Ha Giang, let the Vietnam Reviewer give you some advice.

Top 7 Experiences for backpacking in Ha Giang and things to prepare

Time to go backpacking

Ha Giang is blessed by nature with majestic mountains all year round, opening its arms to welcome backpackers. Each season, this land has its own beauty that captivates the hearts of visitors. However, if you want to be immersed in poetic and charming nature, you can choose one of the following times to pack your backpack and go.

White mustard season in Ha Giang - Top 7 Experiences for backpacking in Ha Giang and things to prepare
White mustard season in Ha Giang
  • First: From the beginning of October and December every year, coming to Ha Giang, you will be immersed in buckwheat forests blooming amid vast mountains and forests. In the past few years, buckwheat flowers have become the pride of the remote land of Ha Giang. Coming to Ha Giang at this time, in addition to viewing flowers, you can also participate in cultural activities such as buckwheat flower wine festival night, folk music program, ethnic costume performance of Ha Giang, night Mong ethnic cultural festival, flower photo exhibition,… In particular, from this beloved flower, people here also prepare a very different buckwheat cake, with a unique flavor that attracts diners. guests near and far
  • Second: White mustard flower season is from December to the end of January next year. Coming to Ha Giang at this time, you will be immersed in the roads on both sides covered with the pure white color of canola flowers. The valleys filled with white will definitely make you fall in love. Coming here, you can “take home” pristine photos, preserving the most wonderful youthful beauty.
  • Third: You can visit Ha Giang in the months after the Lunar New Year. This is the time when trees sprout and the whole of Ha Giang will be filled with lush green. Especially since this is the peach blossom season, the peach blossom petals are fragile but just as attractive as buckwheat.
  • Finally, Ha Giang will welcome you in late summer and early autumn with golden terraced fields under gentle sunlight. Experience-loving tourists often come to Ha Giang on this occasion to admire the majestic scenery of heaven and earth. If you are good at motorbikes, you can rent a motorbike here and plan a journey through the passes and see the terraced fields turning yellow and preparing for harvest.
Terraced fields in Ha Giang - Top 7 Experiences for backpacking in Ha Giang and things to prepare
Terraced fields in Ha Giang

You see, Ha Giang is friendly and welcoming, no matter what time of year it welcomes tourists to visit and make memories here.


Coming to Ha Giang, you can choose two types of vehicles: motorbike and car. However, Ha Giang is a rocky plateau, so the roads are often quite difficult and dangerous, especially the passes with quite difficult turns. One of the most difficult passes here is the Ma Pi Leng pass passing through Meo Vac, Ha Giang. You need to consider carefully before choosing a vehicle to ensure a safe and fun journey.

Traveling to Ha Giang by motorbike - Top 7 Experiences for backpacking in Ha Giang and things to prepare
Traveling to Ha Giang by motorbike

Note that if you do not have experience in backpacking or are not confident enough to find your way, it is better to take a bus. From Hanoi, you can take the Hanoi – Ha Giang bus at My Dinh bus station. When you arrive, you can rent a motorbike taxi or self-drive motorbike for about 200,000 VND/vehicle/day to explore the tourist attractions. tourist destination in Ha Giang.

If you are a true backpacker, mountain roads are not difficult for you, then riding a motorbike will be quite an interesting journey. On the way, you can admire the majestic scenery on both sides of the road and feel the daily life of the people here, while saving money and having quite interesting experiences that you will definitely never have. forget.

However, you need to remember to prepare enough protective gear and bring all types of vehicle documents along with a map. To increase your trip experience, Vietnam Reviewer recommends that you join professional backpacking groups to gain more experience and ensure safety. Every week there are organized backpacking groups from Hanoi to Ha Giang, so you can freely choose the time for the trip.

Note when riding a motorbike: If you plan to go deep into villages or border gates, you should plan in advance and apply for a permit from the Provincial Military Command.

Road for people traveling by motorbike

Traffic today is quite developed, to get to Ha Giang you can choose many different routes. However, there are two easiest routes that Vietnam Reviewer thinks you should refer to:

  • First: Hanoi – Son Tay (following route 21) – Trung Ha Bridge – Co Tiet – Phong Chau Bridge – Phu Tho – Doan Hung – Tuyen Quang – (national highway 2) – Ham Yen – Bac Quang – Vi Xuyen – Thanh Ha Giang street.
  • Second: Hanoi – Vinh Phuc – Viet Tri – Phu Tho – Tuyen Quang. This road has many passenger cars so it is quite crowded and about 30 km longer than the first road, however, the safety of this road is quite high.
Road from Hanoi to Ha Giang
Road from Hanoi to Ha Giang

Above are the most general suggestions of the Vietnam Reviewer, you need to base on your actual starting location to make appropriate choices.

Ha Giang Cuisine

Ha Giang is home to many ethnic groups in the northern mountainous region, so it has a quite unique culinary culture. Maybe the food here may not suit your taste, but it will certainly bring interesting experiences about the culture and life of the people there.

Five coloured sticky rice
Five coloured sticky rice

One of the attractions for tourists is the culinary culture, which is dishes made from many naturally available ingredients, becoming unique, interesting, and impressive dishes that can only be found in the highlands. Ha Giang highlands.

Some dishes you must definitely enjoy when coming to Ha Giang such as kitchen sausage, five-color sticky rice, thang co, won amaranth, men men, egg rolls, kitchen buffalo meat, Bac Me bamboo-tube rice, grilled moss, and corn wine,…

A famous dining address in Ha Giang is the 9-minute Vietnamese Chicken Rice Restaurant in Ha Giang City on Nguyen Van Ninh Street.

Each season, Ha Giang has its own specialties, which is why this place increasingly attracts tourists to visit and feel the beauty of this beautiful green plateau, especially to enjoy unforgettable specialties. has a strong flavor of the mountains and forests.

Tourist destination in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a vast land with many pristine beautiful landscapes and many places worth experiencing. Are you planning to go to Ha Giang on your upcoming trip? Then follow the suggestions below from the Vietnam Reviewer.

  • Dong Van Stone Plateau: Located 132 km from Ha Giang town along the 4C road, Dong Van Stone Plateau is a rugged and majestic rocky mountain area in the far north, with magnificent and impressive beauty. In addition to conquering majestic nature, there are many tourist attractions here such as Dong Van ancient town, stone beaches, archaeological sites, Lung Cu flagpole, and the architectural area of Vuong family relics exploring the culture. transform people here at highland markets,…
  • Ma Pi Leng Pass: From Dong Van town, going towards Meo Vac about 15km, you will encounter the world’s first Ma Pi Leng Pass, this is considered a pass that challenges all adventurous travelers. In addition, while crossing the pass, you can also admire the beauty of the Nho Que River below, clear as a soft silk strip between majestic mountains and forests.
Ma Pi Leng Pass and Nho Que River
Ma Pi Leng Pass and Nho Que River
  • Quan Ba Twin Mountains: Quan Ba Twin Mountains is located on Highway 4C, about 40 km from Ha Giang town. Coming here, you will feel the majestic nature of Ha Giang between the vast mountains and forests.
  • Lung Cam Cultural Village: Lung Cam Tren Cultural Village belongs to Sung La commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. The cultural life in the area is unique and has unique customs and features along with the landscape and people, all of which have created an attractive Lung Cam Tron in the hearts of tourists from all over when coming to this land. This.
  • Sung La Valley: This is a valley nestled in the Dong Van rocky plateau, considered a “rose” among the mountains and forests of Ha Giang. Sung La Valley is like a multi-colored natural picture, each season there is a typical flower, they have different colors, outstanding and attractive. This is also an ideal place to see buckwheat flowers.
  • Vuong family mansion: Ranked as one of the national monuments that need to be protected and preserved. The mansion is located in a valley in Sa Phin commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang, with an area of 3000m2 with a total construction cost of about 150,000 Indochina white silver coins, equivalent to 150 billion VND today. Coming here, you will admire the unique architecture, patterns, and motifs that only this place has.
  • Lung Cu flagpole: One of the landmarks worth checking in that backpackers are always looking for. If you come to Ha Giang, don’t forget to come here and experience it. The Lung Cu flagpole is not only a great check-in location, but it is also a place to preserve historical values, a place to mark memorable milestones of the entire nation.
Lung Cu flagpole
Lung Cu flagpole

There are also many other tourist attractions such as Lung Tam brocade weaving village, and Hoang Su Phi terraced fields,…

Items to bring

To make your trip go smoothly, you need to plan your schedule in detail. In addition, you need to bring some necessary items to make the trip more perfect. The items that the Vietnam Reviewer suggests below are quite simple and really necessary for the trip, so don’t worry that they will be cumbersome for you.

In particular, Ha Giang is mainly a mountainous and dangerous area, sparsely populated, buying and selling is very difficult, so careful preparation is even more important.

Basic items to bring
Basic items to bring
  • Clothing: Ha Giang is in the Northwest mountainous region, so even though it is summer, the weather still feels chilly in the early morning and at night. You should bring warm enough clothes to keep yourself and your trip healthy. guaranteed. Especially if it is winter, you should bring gloves, a scarf to drive, and a hat to avoid dew at night.
  • Shoes: The humid climate and dangerous mountain roads make sneakers with good traction the best choice. Personal items such as hats, towels, medicine, wind oil,… some snacks, picnic tents, identification documents, driver’s license if riding a motorbike, etc.

Identification documents: On long journeys, identification documents are indispensable, right? It not only helps you rent hotels, motels, and motorbikes, but it is also very necessary in unexpected cases. So remember, you need to bring identification.

Above are some small suggestions that Vietnam Reviewer wants to remind you of. In addition, you need to base your on your specific experience plan in Ha Giang to make a list of necessary items for your trip such as snacks, picnic tents,…

Buy gifts when you return

One of the big concerns that perhaps any diner going to Ha Giang is worried about is what gift to buy to take home now. Not only delicious but also unique, distinctive, and bearing the characteristics of the region. So please refer to the suggestions below from Vietnam Reviewer.

Buffalo meat is kept in the kitchen
Buffalo meat is kept in the kitchen

Coming to Ha Giang, the gifts you can bring back are mainly dishes and dried foods that have the bold flavor of the mountains and forests here. You can buy sausages, buffalo meat, Shan Tuyet tea, mint flower honey, corn wine, buckwheat flower cakes,… or specialty fruits such as oranges, seedless persimmons, and apples. cats,… Or you can buy some old Dui Xin Man rice to take home. The rice from this type of rice has a unique aroma and is very sticky and sweet, different from other types of rice, when you eat it you will definitely miss it. will remember the mountains and forests of Ha Giang.

A very special gift is bags of buckwheat flower seeds dried and meticulously selected by local people. You can bring a few seeds of this flower back to the city to decorate your home.

You can absolutely buy these items at Dong Van markets at affordable prices.

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Ha Giang is a land of trees, grass, mountains, and rivers, a land that you will definitely not want to leave once you visit. Pack your backpack and come to Ha Giang. Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip to Halong Bay. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to!

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