Although it is a dish imported from Saigon, broken rice still captures the hearts of diners in Binh Dinh. The dish scores points for its delicious and attractive flavor. Below is a summary of famous delicious and quality broken rice addresses in Binh Dinh that Vietnam Reviewer suggests you can refer to.

Top 5 best-broken rice restaurants in Binh Dinh

Com Tam Nguyen

Another delicious rice restaurant in Binh Dinh that food lovers should not miss is Com Tam Nguyen restaurant. Com Tam Nguyen attracts customers by the attractive aroma of grilled ribs. This tray of grilled ribs is placed in front of the restaurant and wherever customers eat, they will be grilled there, ensuring freshness and a distinct delicious flavor.

Com Tam Nguyen - Top 5 best broken rice restaurants in Binh Dinh
Com Tam Nguyen

The special feature of this famous Com Tam Nguyen restaurant is that the ribs here are many times larger in size and thickness than other broken rice restaurants. When enjoying, customers will clearly feel that the ribs are marinated very moderately, the meat is soft, absorbs spices, and is not at all dry. Soft, fragrant broken rice combined with fish sauce to taste, and the rich taste of grilled meat makes the rice dish more attractive. Broken rice at Com Tam Nguyen will often be eaten with a bowl of bitter melon soup, or vegetable soup, seasoned carefully to not be too bland. Besides, because the intensity of grilling is very high if you want to avoid being smoky, sit inside and away from the grill.

  • Address: 43A To Hien Thanh Street, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 0915 768 499
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: 09:30 – 14:30

Com Tam 173

Com Tam 173 is one of the addresses selling delicious broken rice in Binh Dinh. The restaurant received many positive reviews from customers, especially those in remote provinces. Many people commented that the restaurant meets the standards of Saigon broken rice, the prices are affordable, and the food is delicious and suitable for taste. The restaurant’s menu has a variety of dishes such as broken rice, pork ribs, roasted pork,…

Com Tam 173 - Top 5 best broken rice restaurants in Binh Dinh
Com Tam 173

The most famous dish here is the very popular broken rice with spare ribs. The spare ribs are grilled and soaked in fragrant honey. The sauce blends well with the soft meat without crumbs. It has a chewy and moist texture but cannot be eaten deliciously. out of mind. The rice is made from eight rice sheets, so it is very fragrant and sticky. Once you eat it, you will never forget it. The restaurant has sweet and sour dipping sauce, vegetable salad, and soup to eat together to reduce the taste. The restaurant space is clean and airy, the staff is enthusiastic, so it’s always crowded. The restaurant also accepts delivery, so if you’re lazy, you can still have a delicious meal very quickly.

  • Address: 173 Nguyen Hue, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 0904 732 427
  • Opening hours: 06:30 – 21:00

Night Broken Rice

Com Tam Night is one of the rice restaurants that has been around for many years in Quy Nhon, the restaurant has been operating for many years now, and the name “Com Tam Night” has been a familiar address and an attractive place to enjoy broken rice. in Quy Nhon. With the price of each plate of broken rice starting at only 25K/plate, it’s filled with delicious and rich grilled meat and rice. About every plate of rice I enjoy here. The broken rice is very fragrant and cooked well, not too dry. As for the grilled meat dishes, the grilled ribs here are very delicious. I don’t know how the restaurant has the secret to marinating and grilling the meat, but I eat it rich and delicious. very much.

Night Broken Rice - Top 5 best broken rice restaurants in Binh Dinh
Night Broken Rice

In addition to broken rice dishes, fried rice, and ribs. The shop also sells other types of rice that are also very delicious such as fried chicken rice and plated rice according to each dish. If you go in a group, or with your family, you can order rice by dish (actually there are only a few dishes, but every dish is of good quality). Although the restaurant is a bit cramped, it is always crowded, and the service staff here are very agile and enthusiastic. From the restaurant’s space, and layout to service, it has probably brought great satisfaction to customers right from the first time they visit.

  • Address: 429 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 0973 678 499

Sa Bi Chuong Broken Rice

When talking about broken rice, we have to mention the famous “Broken Rice with Egg Rolls” from Sa Bi Chuong Broken Rice. This is a dish that combines rice with rich rib meat, crispy pork skin to fragrant egg rolls, and of course indispensable sweet and sour broth. For a true Saigon broken rice lover, you can choose a different meal every day without fear of getting bored at Com Sa Bi Chuong.

Sa Bi Chuong Broken Rice
Sa Bi Chuong Broken Rice

Here, there are from traditional egg-wrapped pork ribs broken rice to richly seasoned marinated chicken thigh broken rice. After a long tiring day, there’s nothing more energizing and warming than a delicious bowl of broken rice with optional side dishes. We guarantee that you will not feel craving for any other dishes after ordering a full meal of rice from Sa Bi Chuong Broken Rice. You will be sure of your stomach and not worry about being hungry in the middle of the night. A bowl of dipping sauce that creates the brand of Sa Bi Chuong Broken Rice is mixed with fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili, and sugar in extremely precise proportions to have a sweet and sour, moderately rich taste that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Address: 20 Ly Thuong Kiet, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 0902 282 847
  • Opening hours: 09:30 – 20:00

Broken Rice 333

Another famous rice restaurant in Binh Dinh is Com Tam 333. Just try it once and you will forever remember the rich flavor of marinated meat and honey-like fish sauce of broken rice at this restaurant. Looking at the restaurant’s rice plate, you can see the quality, especially the famous grilled ribs, cut not too thick, marinated to the restaurant’s standard, after many years still retains the same rich taste as in the past, fragrant and shiny, delicious. Grilled until just done.

Broken Rice 333
Broken Rice 333

Diners can order extra shrimp or onion fat according to their preferences without losing money. Com Broken Rice 333 serves beverages and free parking outside. Visiting the restaurant during peak hours sometimes there are no seats, but you can rest assured because the staff always proactively arranges for you to enjoy your meal as quickly as possible. In addition, you can still order home delivery with paper lunch boxes that are quite environmentally friendly and this is the big plus point of this chain of stores.

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These are all restaurants that have good reviews from diners, so please take note to enjoy them! Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip here. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to!

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