Pac Rang Cao Bang is a place to live forever with a traditional identity, where tourists visiting Ban Gioc Waterfall can discover more about the culture of the highland ethnic groups. Let’s learn a little about this village with Indochina Vacation before going on the Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour!

Where is Pac Rang village?

Pac Rang village is located next to National Highway 3, on the route connecting Cao Bang town to Ta Lung international border gate, Phuc Sen commune, Quang Uyen, Cao Bang. This is a safe place for about 250 households of the Nung An ethnic group. In particular, the village is a place to keep unique and attractive traditional values, making visitors curious about the Ban Gioc waterfall tour at home and abroad.

Pac Rang Village
Pac Rang Village

How peaceful and poetic is Pac Rang village?

Pac Rang Cao Bang Village is nestled in a verdant, sunny valley in the Northeast mountains. In front of the village is a small field, the flavor changes with each season. At the end of the village, there is a clear water mine that never runs out all year. Around Pac Rang village are majestic rocky mountains, sheltered by green primeval forests that make visitors feel like they are lost in paradise.

Pac Rang Village - Pac Rang Cao Bang
Pac Rang village

Arriving in Pac Rang Cao Bang Village, visitors will immediately be impressed by the traditional houses of the Nung An ethnic group. They designed the house on stilts according to a 2-story architecture: the lower floor is a place to raise cattle, make a forge, and the upper floor is a place for the whole family to live. It is cleverly arranged to fit the bedroom, kitchen, and living room on a single floor while still ensuring a comfortable living space for the whole family. There is also a mezzanine above that is used to store agricultural products for the whole year.

It is said that Pac Rang village is the source where the traditional values ​​of the Nung An ethnic group are preserved. This place still preserves intact stone-walled houses, walls mixed from earth and rice, and yin and yang tiled roofs, making people think of ancient temples that are both simple and ancient.

What traditional professions do the people of Pac Rang village have?

Besides the wonderful beauty that nature bestows, Pac Rang village also attracts tourists to visit because of the ancient culture that has been handed down to this day. Coming to this small village, visitors to Cao Bang do not miss the opportunity to discover the following traditional occupations!

Red Smithing

It is said that Pac Rang village has a “red fire” place all year round. For generations, the traditional blacksmithing profession is considered the soul of Pac Rang. Just setting foot in the village, visitors immediately heard the resounding sound of metal pounding or the sizzling sound of red hot iron dipped in cold water.

Today, most of the traditional craft villages are in danger of being lost and disappearing, but Pac Rang village is one of the few remaining that still retains the traditional blacksmithing. Perhaps, how much they have to love their traditional culture to be able to stick with it for a lifetime. Here, healthy hands from young people to old people are still burning red day and night, keeping the “soul” passed on by the ancestors.

Not only a profession to earn a living, but blacksmithing is also a precious cultural identity of Pac Rang. There is no man in the village who doesn’t know how to do blacksmithing. Just like that, this profession is passed on to generations to come. And in response to that perseverance, the Phuc Sen Forging Village knife brand today has become extremely famous and has become the pride of the Cao Bang people.

Impressive weaving

Boys and girls forge weaving – another extremely impressive traditional culture in Pac Rang village is weaving. Women in Nung An Pac Rang today still weave and sew extremely unique costumes. Under the skillful hands of sisters, aunts, and grandmothers, the impressive indigo fabrics were instantly dyed with colorful and extremely safe natural colors.

Pac Rang village - Pac Rang Cao Bang
Pac Rang village

The people of Pac Rang village only wear their own traditional costumes, both to show their self-respect and to promote their cultural beauty to domestic and foreign tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit Pac Rang village, don’t forget to buy and support the people here with extremely high-quality hand-woven fabrics like this!

Unique culture and arts

Not only industrious and hardworking in daily work, Nung An people are also extremely enthusiastic in cultural and artistic activities. On festival days in Pac Rang village, Cao Bang tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy folk dances and folk songs of the Nung An Pac Rang people, which are extremely vibrant and bustling.

Pac Rang village
Pac Rang village

Typical among them can be mentioned is the tune of Cheo Phuong to call friends. The lyrics imbued with lyricism, living forever with time are expressed through the high-pitched, inspiring voice of the talented young man and woman Pac Rang, making visitors of the Ban Gioc waterfall tour excited, enthralled with each high-pitched sound up to nine clouds.

What to discover in Pac Rang Cao Bang village?

Besides visiting and exploring the traditional crafts in Pac Rang village, visitors to the Cao Bang tour also have the opportunity to participate in the production stage themselves. The people in the village are extremely enthusiastic to guide if visitors are willing to try to do it themselves, such as growing cotton, spinning, dyeing, weaving, sewing,…

Ban Gioc Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall

However, when traveling to Cao Bang, it is a pity to miss the opportunity to admire the magical beauty of terraced fields during the ripe rice season. And yet, take the time to visit famous tourist attractions nearby such as Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave, and Thang Hen Lake,… to gather more memorable and wonderful experiences for your trip!

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In particular, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of Cao Bang that look craving, eat when you have the opportunity to visit. Some of the dishes that are most liked by tourists are 7-flavored roast duck, humiliating stitches, and sautéed vegetables with beef,… make sure to eat once and remember for a lifetime. Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip here. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to!

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