Dong Thap is not only famous for its pink lotus color but is also a new paradise for those who like to explore the lush ecological Melaleuca forests or want to enjoy comfortable holidays immersed in the wild and fragrant natural scenery. unique culinary taste. Coming to Dong Thap, it will be wonderful when we can enjoy riding a motorbike, freely traveling around the thousands of beauties here and there, to meet the needs of renting motorbikes for service in Dong Thap today. Vietnam Reviewer will introduce to you cheap and quality tourist motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap.

Top 5 motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap

Ms. Lan’s Store

This is a motorbike rental address in Dong Thap, this address has a business license, and a red invoice, when renting a motorbike, there is a clear rental contract. The types of cars for rent here are very diverse, from manual cars, and scooters to clutch cars, prices for different types of cars and car models are also different. As for the car rental owner, he is very enthusiastic about giving advice. If you have any questions or are unclear about the route, he or she can guide you and show you very carefully, so customers rent cars here. All are very satisfied and often recommend it to friends and relatives.

Ms. Lan’s store commits to No price increase due to holidays. Genuine cars, no low-quality car rentals. The simple procedure is just an ID card or driver’s license so users can rent a car here. You should call directly or come to the place to choose and test the car to choose a car that is satisfactory and safe. In addition, the store has free delivery and pick-up of cars to your location within Cao Lanh Dong Thap City, including testing the car before renting it. Prices range from 100,000 – 160,000 VND/car.

Ms. Lan's Store - Top 5 cheapest and best quality tourist motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap
Ms. Lan’s Store
  • Address: No. 83 Le Anh Xuan, Ward 2, Cao Lanh, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 0918 750 016

Bao Tram Store

This is a reputable car rental address and is ready to serve you 24/7 in Dong Thap. Bao Tram stores rent manual cars and scooters at many preferential prices and have special discounts for monthly and long-term rentals. There is a full range of Wave Honda, Vision Honda, Nouvo LX Yamaha, Attila Elizabeth SYM, Sirius Yamaha, Jupiter Yamaha, Mio Yamaha, Dream… Genuine Honda, Yamaha, SYM, and Suzuki cars, quality guaranteed.

Motorbike rental prices here are also very reasonable depending on the type of vehicle and rental period. The above prices are calculated on a 24-hour basis, which is very beneficial for you. In addition, the total number of additional hours in addition to the number of days rented will be calculated depending on the specific contract. Besides, when you use the car rental service here if your car encounters problems, you will receive enthusiastic and dedicated support and assistance from the store. Bao Tram stores deliver cars for free throughout Cao Lanh city. Price is 100,000 – 130,000 VND/motorbike and 150,000 VND/scooter.

Bao Tram Store - Top 5 cheapest and best quality tourist motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap
Bao Tram Store
  • Address: 209 Mai Van Khai, Cao Lanh, Dong Thap.
  • Phone: 0902 202 202

Phuong Nam Hotel

To have a perfect trip as desired, in addition to planning hotel reservations, sightseeing and entertainment schedules, places to eat, etc., one of the things you cannot help but prepare in advance is the method of preparation. convenient to travel. Phuong Nam Hotel is the address that provides catering services and rents bedrooms for tourists, and here you can also rent motorbikes easily to make your trip more meaningful.

With many different types of vehicles to serve the travel rental needs of tourists, there are all kinds of vehicles from manual cars to scooters for you to choose from, and the rental price is also reasonable for each vehicle type. The car is new and always maintained regularly. You can pick up your car at the hotel, bus station, or designated location. Cars here are rented for only 100,000 VND/car/day, so you’ll have a great experience.

Phuong Nam Hotel - Top 5 cheapest and best quality tourist motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap
Phuong Nam Hotel
  • Address: 384A, Nguyen Sinh Sac Street, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap.
  • Phone: 0227 3867 867 – 0277 3707 070.
  • Facebook:

Loi The Store

Loi The motorbike shop is a reputable and cheap motorbike rental service in Dong Thap, providing very enthusiastic and agile service advice. Loi The store can deliver the car to your door, which is quite convenient. Full range of vehicles for rent, with prices to meet all needs, always available with all types of scooters and manual transmissions depending on your choice. New generation vehicles with the advantages of smooth running, good mechanics, and fuel economy.

This place is rated very good by tourists. Customers who rent a car receive free helmets and raincoats. You will be satisfied and excited when traveling by motorbike at Loi The motorbike rental. 24/24 service with no additional fees. The rental price per day ranges from 120k to 300k depending on the duration, time, and vehicle model.

Loi The Store - Top 5 cheapest and best quality tourist motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap - Top 5 cheapest and best quality tourist motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap
Loi The Store
  • Address: No. 205 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 3, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 0772.772.227

Minh Chanh Motorbike

Also a motorbike rental location in Dong Thap. Minh Chanh motorbike rental shop with advantages: located in Sa Dec Flower Village, near the center, market, and Homestay, this is one of the points providing motorbike rental services in Sa Dec, Dong Thap for tourists. Hotels, homestays, and this place also rent motorbikes if you need them.

Minh Chanh store specializes in renting digital vehicles in Dong Thap (Exciter, Yamaha Sirius, Honda Wave RSX, Honda Future…) and scooters (Honda Vision, Honda Air blade, Nouvo, Honda SH…) with many prices. Special incentives and discounts for long-term car rental customers. Quick procedure, when renting a car, bring an ID card + driver’s license + 1 photocopy.

Minh Chanh Motorbike
Minh Chanh Motorbike

Address: Tan Lap Hamlet, Tan Quy Tay Commune, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap.


Phone: 079.3979.789

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Vietnam Reviewer has just introduced to you some quality and cheap motorbike rental addresses in Dong Thap. To explore Dong Thap tourism completely and comfortably, renting a motorbike is extremely necessary. If you have the opportunity to visit here, please contact the above locations to rent the most suitable motorbike and explore. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to!

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