When tourists from far away come to visit the  Sa Dec, Dong Thap but are still wondering and worried about places to rest and hotels to stop at. You are struggling to find a hotel that is not too expensive but still has good quality. Don’t worry, Vietnam Reviewer will introduce to you a list of good, beautiful hotels with extremely affordable prices!

Top 7 most beautiful and quality hotels in Sa Dec

Rose Hotel

Bong Hong Hotel is located in the city center. Sa Dec – No. 251A, Nguyen Sinh Sac,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap province, Bong Hong hotel is one of two 2-star hotels in the  Sa Dec. 1 km from Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House, less than 3 km from Tan Quy Dong ornamental flower village. Convenient for traveling and sightseeing. The hotel has 44 rooms divided into 5 categories, meeting a variety of guests’ needs.

Bong Hong Hotel has 02 restaurants with a total capacity of nearly 700 guests, and 01 conference room with a capacity of 30 guests. There is also a tennis court, Karaoke, consultation, and organization of travel and sightseeing programs at home and abroad. Bong Hong Hotel is an ideal choice for tourists to stop to rest, eat, or hold wedding parties, and conferences… In addition to its convenient location and luxurious, modern architecture, the hotel also has a team of young, dynamic, professionally trained staff with a friendly and polite attitude that will surely make you satisfied with the services and have comfortable moments when staying here.

Rose Hotel - Top 7 most beautiful and quality hotels in Sa Dec
Rose Hotel
  • Address: 251A Nguyen Sinh Sac,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 027 7386 8288
  • Email: bonghonghotelsadec@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/khachsan.bonghong.2020

Van Kim Long Hotel

Van Kim Long Hotel is an ideal accommodation destination for tourists coming to the  Sa Dec. The hotel is located right next to Chien Thang Park –  Sa Dec, Dong Thap, 3 km from Sa Dec flower village, 2km from Huynh Thuy Le’s ancient house, and 1.5km from Kien An Cung pagoda. The 7-storey hotel and separate garden villa, possessing modern architecture, the hotel has the most beautiful view and highest floor in Sa Dec. Van Kim Long Hotel is an ideal place for business and tourism guests to relax and unwind with fresh, airy air.

Van Kim Long Hotel welcomes you to a quiet, clean space of pure Vietnamese hospitality and international standard service. The system of luxurious living rooms meets standards, all equipped with full amenities and modern equipment. Van Kim Long Hotel attracts tourists with its high view, beautiful downward angle, creating a comfortable feeling, large terrace, balcony in front so you can enjoy the view from above and very friendly staff. Polite and friendly, gentle with guests, next to the hotel is a coffee and breakfast room with air conditioning, comfortable, clean, and luxuriously decorated.

Van Kim Long Hotel - Top 7 most beautiful and quality hotels in Sa Dec
Van Kim Long Hotel
  • Address: 26 DT848,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 0941 508 079 & 0913 334 699 & 0852 839 939 & 027 7398 0980
  • Email: info@vankimlong.vn
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Hotel-Van-Kim-Long-342311286275098/

Sao Khue Hotel

Sao Khue Hotel is located on the main road connecting the western provinces, convenient for vehicles, and 1.5km from Sa Dec city center. There is a spacious and airy road frontage and river frontage, covered parking within the hotel grounds, a riverside cafe bar with cool, relaxing space, garden landscape,… Sao Khue Hotel creates a comfortable space with top amenities that truly bring satisfaction and meet the requirements of visitors.

Harmoniously combining the modernity – elegance of contemporary architecture and the warm and welcoming hospitality of Asian people, Sao Khue Hotel is proud to be a reliable address for you to have comfortable moments when wishing to stay in the  Sa Dec, Dong Thap! Staff are always on duty at the front desk to provide information to guests. Sao Khue Hotel has room types such as single rooms, and double rooms, with full high-class furniture inside to bring the best comfort to customers when staying.

Sao Khue Hotel - Top 7 most beautiful and quality hotels in Sa Dec
Sao Khue Hotel
  • Address: 10 National Highway 80,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 0939 162 728
  • Email: hotelsaokhuesd@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/SaoKhueSaDec/

Kim Trang Hotel

When visiting the  Sa Dec, Dong Thap, you will feel right at home at Kim Trang Hotel, which offers excellent quality and attentive service. Not too far from the exciting activities in the city center. Selections of points of interest and attractions in the area. At Kim Trang Hotel, impeccable service and state-of-the-art equipment create an unforgettable stay. Guests of the hotel can enjoy great features like free Wi-Fi in all rooms, Wi-Fi in public areas, valet parking, airport transfer, and tours.

True to its name, the hotel has brought visitors many surprises and delights. Surprised by the service style of the staff, always ready to listen, absorb customer feedback on imperfections, and support in all necessary situations. Therefore, if you have ever visited here once and have had the opportunity to return, you will be surprised by the progress as well as the positive changes from even the smallest items in the room such as a hair dryer, and a kettle. electricity to boil water,… to breakfast every morning, and finally the entire hotel system. That is the reason Kim Trang Hotel continues to receive long-term trust and support.

Kim Trang Hotel
Kim Trang Hotel
  • Address: 658 Nguyen Sinh Sac,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 027 7377 1773 & 0918 782 633
  • Email: khachsankimtrangsadec@gmail.com
  • Website: khachsankimtrang.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/khachsankimtrangsadec

Sadec Farmstay

Sadec Farmstay is located in Sa Dec flower village in Sa Dec, Dong Thap. Not only attractive because of its unique architecture, Sadec Farmstay also offers visitors interesting experiences and modern resort services, helping to satisfy all their needs for rest during their stay. accommodation period. This will be a perfect destination to have a memorable vacation with your family and loved ones.

Sadec Farmstay is loved by many people because it is located in the middle of the Sa Dec flower village, which is very peaceful, fresh, and airy with many trees around. Here, you can experience growing flowers with farmers. The entire Sadec Farmstay is equipped with a solar water heater system and clean and airy restrooms with many trees. Designed with open space, in harmony with outside nature, the homestay attracts a lot of attention from tourists coming to Dong Thap. Sadec Farmstay has free parking and free wifi, creating maximum convenience for customers when staying at Sadec Farmstay.

Sadec Farmstay
Sadec Farmstay
  • Address: DT848 Street,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 0919 885 804
  • Email: sadecfarmstay@gmail.com
  • Website: khudulichhoakiengsadec.com.vn/sadec-farmstay
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sadecfarmstay

Tuan Khanh Hotel

Another address that you definitely cannot miss is Tuan Khanh Hotel. The hotel has a large number of rooms, with modern designs. The space in the room is designed quite specifically with a combination of modern and classic styles with a bit of vintage. Each item is carefully arranged, with the whole heart of its creator. Therefore, no matter where you stand, indoors or outdoors, you can check in virtually.

Tuan Khanh Hotel with its unique architecture, designed according to standards, and modern, luxurious, and cozy equipment will meet all customers’ needs. With a team of professional, dynamic, and enthusiastic staff, Tuan Khanh Hotel is confident to bring you the best services, always bringing satisfaction and a truly comfortable feeling of relaxation like a convenient home. doubt and happiness. With an ideal location and appropriate facilities that meet standards in every aspect, Tuan Khanh Hotel brings you an enjoyable and meaningful vacation.

Tuan Khanh Hotel
Tuan Khanh Hotel
  • Address: GPI 08 – 09 Street No. 1,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 0939 334 555
  • Email: Tuankhanhhotel@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063496777464

Lang Hoa Hotel

Hotel Lang Hoa is located in  Sa Dec, Dong Thap is a famous choice for tourists. From here, guests can easily access the vibrant beauty of the city on every corner. With a convenient location, the hotel has easy access to the city’s famous tourist attractions. By providing high-class service to guests and countless modern amenities, Hotel Lang Hoa is committed to bringing you the most comfortable and pleasant stay. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all rooms, daily housekeeping, and public Wi-Fi to ensure the greatest comfort for customers.

Stepping into a hotel room, you feel like you’re letting go of a long, stressful day. Many amenities in the room such as a flat-screen TV, cleaning supplies, towels, mirror, and wireless internet. The hotel also suggests entertainment activities to ensure you are always excited throughout your vacation. Hotel Lang Hoa is a smart choice for tourists coming to the  Sa Dec, Dong Thap, which offers a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Lang Hoa Hotel
Lang Hoa Hotel
  • Address: 29 Tran Thi Nhuong,  Sa Dec, Dong Thap
  • Phone: 0939 436 698

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Vietnam Reviewer has just introduced to you some of the most beautiful and quality hotel addresses in the  Sa Dec, Dong Thap. Hopefully, this article will provide useful information for you when searching for a hotel and intending to stay in the  Sa Dec, Dong Thap. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to vietnamreviewer.contact@gmail.com!

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