Buffet restaurants are always the top choice of many diners because here they can freely enjoy all dishes, without limits. Besides, the space at these restaurants is also extremely beautiful and luxurious. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious buffet in Ha Long, Quang Ninh but don’t know where to go, today please refer to the top most famous delicious buffet restaurants in Ha Long, Quang Ninh.

Top 9 most delicious and quality buffet restaurants in Ha Long City

Novotel Ha Long Bay

Novotel Ha Long Bay is located in Ha Long. This is also a restaurant that many diners love and frequent to enjoy delicious buffet lunches at attractive prices. Travel your taste buds with a seafood buffet experience of more than 90 dishes ready to welcome you to enjoy. The menu has many fresh and delicious dishes, made from the best ingredients to make your and your family’s meals special. This place will definitely have the most wonderful and unforgettable buffet meals.

Novotel Ha Long Bay - Top 9 most delicious and quality buffet restaurants in Ha Long City
Novotel Ha Long Bay

Unlimited BBQ Seafood Buffet from Chef Stephane Leforestier: Grilled tiger prawns with cheese, crab, oysters, sweet shrimp, scallops, salmon, tuna… There is no better way to discover a Vietnamese seafood buffet than Nam with famous local seasonal dishes such as sea bass, finger snails, and oysters. Novotel Ha Long Bay also offers you rich Vietnamese specialties such as seafood spring rolls, Hanoi bun cha, and pho. More than just simple cuisine, the restaurant will bring you a memorable experience with a luxurious yet cozy and romantic space overlooking the outdoor swimming pool while enjoying freshly prepared cuisine. by professional chefs.

  • Address: 160 Ha Long, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 020 3384 8108 & 0886 581 966
  • Email: info@novotelhalong.com.vn
  • Website: https://www.novotelhalongbay.com/
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/NovotelHaLongBay/

Son Doong Ha Long Restaurant

Son Doong Ha Long Restaurant is always one of the most prestigious culinary addresses in Quang Ninh with many diverse and unique options such as Braised crab with vermicelli, Fried bird’s nest shrimp, and La Vong grilled fish. Quiet and cozy space, very suitable for families. In particular, the Peking Duck dish here is extremely famous. For many years, the restaurant has always affirmed its No. 1 roasted duck brand in Ha Long. The thick, meaty ducks are carefully selected, each weighing from 2.8 – 3kg, through 5 steps of elaborate preparation and marinating using a separate recipe to produce rich, fragrant, fatty roasted ducks. The skin is shiny and crispy, but the meat is still tender.

Son Doong Ha Long Restaurant - Top 9 most delicious and quality buffet restaurants in Ha Long City
Son Doong Ha Long Restaurant

Dip it with one of two special dipping sauces mixed with the essence from inside each roasted duck to create a rich, naturally sweet flavor, fragrant but not at all greasy. Make sure diners eat just one bite and want more. In addition, Son Doong Ha Long Restaurant also has an all-you-can-eat hot pot buffet with free drinks. Order unlimited fresh seafood, salmon head, American beef, and many other attractive options. Coming to Son Doong Ha Long Restaurant, you will enjoy the most wonderful culinary flavors.

  • Address: A11-01 Monbay, Hong Hai, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0965 454 338 & 0966 957 338 & 0366 673 478
  • Email: sondoonghalong.qn@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/sondoongrestaurant
  • Opening hours: 06:00 – 22:00

Sen A Dong Buffet Restaurant

Sen A Dong Buffet Restaurant is the No. 1 Seafood Buffet restaurant in Ha Long City. The location is right in the center of the Bai Chay tourist area, close to major entertainment spots of the Bai Chay tourist area: Ha Long Park Queen Cable Car, Sungroup International Cruise Wharf, Old Quarter, and Bai Chay Beach. bath, Peach Garden Market, etc. Very convenient for tourists’ transportation when coming to Ha Long. With a unique separate space design, the typical culture of the fishing village has brought luxury sophistication to all domestic and foreign tourists coming to Buffett Sen A Dong restaurant.

Sen A Dong Buffet Restaurant - Top 9 most delicious and quality buffet restaurants in Ha Long City
Sen A Dong Buffet Restaurant

The menu of Sen A Dong Buffet Restaurant is especially attractive with a menu of over 100 dishes, including more than 50 dishes made from fresh Ha Long seafood. Including European and Asian dishes, especially seafood at the counters: hot pot counter, grill counter, sashimi,… always satisfy and have special appeal. Not only that, the restaurant also always adds new dishes and seasonal seafood to meet the needs of diners. With the motto of serving customers with all our hearts. The restaurant always wants to bring customers the best value and tastiest meals.

  • Address: No. 1 Ha Long, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0835 981 666 & 0826 083 666 & 0832 981 666
  • Email: sales.nhsad@indochina-junk.com
  • Website: https://buffetsenadong.vn/
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/buffetsenadong.vn/
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Cuisine World – Cienco5 Fishing Village

Cuisine World – Cienco5 Fishing Village is a restaurant specializing in seafood taken directly from the boat onto the plate, so the freshness of the seafood is unquestionable. Located in a central location, it is easy to find and easy to recognize as one of the famous places for fresh, clean seafood that people trust. And especially here there are all kinds of flavors of the sea such as shrimp, fish, squid,… processed into many different dishes from stir-fried, grilled to hot pot. Crab hotpot, mixed seafood hotpot, octopus hotpot… are seafood hotpot dishes favored by gourmets. Each type of hot pot has its own characteristics that make customers surprised and amazed.

Cuisine World - Cienco5 Fishing Village
Cuisine World – Cienco5 Fishing Village

In particular, the hot pots of Cuisine World – Cienco5 Fishing Village are cooked with their own recipe, delicious, rich, and special, the seafood after dipping does not need to be seasoned but is still delicious and attractive. Next to that, the seafood tank is always filled with lobsters, abalone, and king crabs, so you don’t have to worry about running out of items. The prices are extremely affordable and reasonable for every family. Remember to visit the Fishing Village to enjoy the tastiest, freshest, and most typical dishes of Ha Long Sea.

  • Address: Group 6, Area 6, Yet Kieu, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0972 827 997 & 0334 086 666
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/duongvanhieuthegioimthuc
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 23:00

Sea Restaurant 14 Seafood Buffet

Seafood Buffet Restaurant 14 is known as the fresh seafood buffet restaurant in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province. Considered one of the restaurants with a diverse menu system, with many delicious dishes from fresh seafood, prepared directly at the restaurant. A notable point of Seafood Buffet Restaurant 14 is that the menu is very diverse and rich and is served right at the table. Customers can enjoy a variety of fresh seafood processed directly at the restaurant including Crabs, crabs, shrimp, shrimp, scallops, oysters, squid, snails, and many other types of seafood. In addition, the restaurant also offers other diverse dishes such as hot pot, grilled, noodles, rice, vegetables, and desserts with guaranteed quality.

Sea Restaurant 14 Seafood Buffet
Sea Restaurant 14 Seafood Buffet

With spacious, luxurious, and modern space, Sea 14 is the ideal location for family parties, events, gala dinners, and small parties. The restaurant can accommodate up to 500 guests, with modern sound and lighting equipment to create a suitable space for event activities. The staff at Seafood Buffet Restaurant 14 is very friendly, dedicated, and professional.

  • Address:
  • A21-01 Monbay, Hong Hai, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • N18 Ha Long Road, Bai Chay Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Hotline: 0888 181 414 & 0888 191 414
  • Email: bien14buffet@gmail.com
  • Website: https://nhahangbien14.com/
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/nhahangbien14buffet

Wyndham Legend Halong

Another address to enjoy a super delicious, super quality buffet in Ha Long that Vietnam Reviewer wants to introduce to you is no other place but Wyndham Legend Halong, located at No. 12 Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, City Ha Long, Quang Ninh. With a diverse menu, with dozens of attractive dishes being added continuously, it creates an irresistible appeal to many diners, even though they have come to the restaurant to enjoy it many times, they still cannot help but be amazed.

Wyndham Legend Halong
Wyndham Legend Halong

Wyndham restaurant serves a buffet with delicious, nutritious, and exclusive flavors. Along with the appeal of delicious grilled hot pot dishes, the airy space, cool air conditioning, cleanliness, and cozy design are also the attractions for many diners to choose this place regardless of the time. which period? With many choices of fresh seafood, sushi & sashimi counter, international dishes, barbecue area, and many unique desserts, it will surely satisfy all gourmets. Diverse dishes at the counters with the perfect combination of cuisines such as tuna potato salad, hot and crispy fried shrimp, fresh and sweet seafood soup, or nutritious salmon porridge. End the party with a sweet dessert bar. Moreover, the prices for each delicious dish here are also very reasonable, which will definitely make you!

  • Address: No. 12 Ha Long, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 020 3363 6555
  • Email: info@wyndhamhalong.com
  • Website: https://www.wyndhamhalong.com/
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/wyndhamlegendhalong/

Tien Quy Seafood Buffet

Tien Quy Seafood Buffet Restaurant is located on the 4th floor of Vincom Ha Long, impressing customers with its spacious space, accommodating up to 100 guests, elegant and friendly design, and food stalls. Most of them are fresh seafood with hundreds of types, allowing diners to prepare grilled/hot pot dishes the way they want. With reasonable prices, the restaurant is the perfect choice for parties, birthdays, and gatherings of friends, and family…

Tien Quy Seafood Buffet
Tien Quy Seafood Buffet

In particular, coming to Tien Quy Seafood Buffet, diners come to a world of rich, fresh seafood. And don’t forget the attractive seafood hotpot combined with the ever-hot dips such as shrimp, crab, giant shrimp, salmon, snails, milk oysters, and apricot squid… In addition to seafood hotpot, diners also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the space of delicious grilled meats, crispy fresh salads, or cool sweet desserts, making diners’ meals always harmonious and complete. The restaurant’s location is in Ha Long City, so if tourists go to the bay or have fun in the Bai Chay area, it will not be very convenient, but those who go on business or vacation in the city can consider coming here to enjoy. seafood food.

  • Address: 4th Floor, Vincom Plaza Ha Long, Bach Dang, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0912 568 686
  • Email: h81hotel@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/BuffetHaiSanTienQuyHaLong
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Shima Yakiniku – Japanese Barbecue Restaurant

Located in a prime location opposite October 30 Square in the heart of the Monbay urban area, Shima Yakiniku is the first Japanese grill restaurant in Ha Long with a smokeless hot pot grill buffet at your table, including many types. Fresh meat marinated with typical Japanese flavors in an extremely cozy Japanese space. At Shima Yakiniku, the freshest pieces of red meat are carefully selected and marinated with a delicious Japanese flavor according to the restaurant’s special recipe. The meat is grilled to perfection on a smokeless charcoal stove and served with traditional dipping sauce, giving guests an unforgettable barbecue experience.

Shima Yakiniku - Japanese Barbecue Restaurant
Shima Yakiniku – Japanese Barbecue Restaurant

Besides, Shima Yakiniku also has many unique Japanese street foods such as Karaage fried chicken, Okonomiyaki pancakes, or Takoyaki octopus cakes. Especially indispensable are the fresh Sushi and Sashimi dishes, hot pots, stone rice bowls, and Ramen noodles, bringing a unique Japanese grilling experience only at Shima Yakiniku. Coming to this place, diners do not have to worry about parking because the restaurant has a spacious outside free parking area and private space to serve groups of up to 40 people.

  • Address: A10-01 Monbay, Hong Hai, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0985 890 338 & 0366 673 478
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/shimayakiniku
  • Opening hours: 10:30 – 22:00

Yoon Oppa BBQ

Yoon Oppa BBQ is located at No. 14 Lot B5, Column 5, Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long, with a private space very suitable for meetings and receptions. There is full table space inside and an impressively decorated outside space. With the motto “Bringing customers joy and happiness with great meals”, Yoon Oppa BBQ will be the ideal meeting place for parties and meetings. With a beautiful, warm space, delicious food, and enthusiastic, fast-service staff, we will satisfy customers in the best way possible.

Yoon Oppa BBQ
Yoon Oppa BBQ

Coming to Yoon Oppa BBQ, diners will not be overwhelmed by the many delicious dishes from appetizers, side dishes, and main dishes to desserts that prompt the stomach to quickly enter “hunger”. Coming to Yoon Oppa BBQ restaurant, you have the opportunity to enjoy Korean standard “delicacies” with heart-stopping grilled meat and hot pot dishes. Grilled up to 30 meat dishes: lean shoulder, ribs, beef shank,… hotpot flavor of your choice: kimchi hotpot, Thai hotpot, chicken ginseng hotpot… Enjoy with banchan, vegetable rolls, and desserts. These dishes are all unique features that create the uniqueness of Yoon Oppa BBQ. You will not be able to find these specialty flavors anywhere else.

  • Address: No. 14 Lot B5, Column 5, Hong Hai, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0389 369 685 & 0788 202 929
  • Email: contact@yoonoppa.com
  • Website: http://yoonoppa.com/
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/YoonOppaBBQ/
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00

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If you are a food lover and want to have a relaxing and restful weekend, then quickly choose a buffet restaurant that you feel is suitable for you. Vietnam Reviewer hopes that all of you will have a nice trip to Halong Bay. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to vietnamreviewer.contact@gmail.com!

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