Sapa is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes but also for countless delicious dishes that attract visitors. Sapa cuisine is really special, it creates a unique feature that is only found in Sapa. Below is a list of specialties in Sapa that you should not miss when coming here. Let’s find out with the Vietnam Reviewer!

Top 5 famous dishes in Sapa

1. Sapa barbecue

Among the many things that are sipped and enjoyed by tourists during the long travel days here, Sa Pa barbecue is becoming a very separate “brand” that cannot be mixed with another locality. Many tourists say that “If you come to Sapa without enjoying the barbecue, it is true that you have not really discovered the unique, rich, and poetic of Sapa culinary culture“. It is not only in Sapa that there are grilled dishes, but perhaps due to the favorable conditions of the fresh, cool, and poetic climate of the natural sky.

Sapa barbecue
Sapa barbecue (source: hanoitosapa)

Sa Pa barbecue always gives people a very unique taste, which you do not find in any locality. Each of the baked goods here is bold with the quintessence of heaven and earth, making the enjoyers admire the uniquely sweet and fragrant flavor of each dish.

2. Mèn mén Sapa

When traveling to Sapa, you meet many ethnic minorities, but most of them are H’Mong. The H’Mong people often live in the high mountains, so they are very difficult to trade and exchange goods, especially cannot grow wet rice. So corn is the main food crop. Therefore, people have created and processed Menen dishes to replace rice. Since then, Menen has become an indispensable dish for many generations of H’Mong people in Sapa and Tay Bac.

Mèn mén Sapa
Mèn mén Sapa

Mèn mén is called by the Mandarin (Chinese) which means steamed cornstarch. According to the experience of the local people, Men Men is made from the maize which is grown in the local. There is a special thing that other types of maize can not make this dish.

Mèn mén Sapa
Mèn mén Sapa (source: langvietonline)

Some of the indispensable spices to increase the attractiveness of this dish are chili sauce, peppermint, and herbs. You should eat Men Men very slowly and chew thoroughly to feel all the flavor. When Men Men is cooked, it has a fragrant, sticky, and very rich taste. Eating Men Men is always accompanied by a bowl of soup. H’Mong people often eat this dish with pumpkin soup.

3. Sapa black chicken

Black chicken is a rare breed. The outstanding features of this breed are black bones, low fat, firm, and delicious meat. Black chicken not only enhances vitality but also has a flavor and has medicinal value to help cure heart disease. Black chicken with sweet and fragrant meat taste is a famous specialty of Sa Pa.

4. Thang Co – Sapa cuisine

Thang Co is a traditional dish of the Mong people in the Bac Ha and Muong Khuong regions. Over the years this dish has been improved by most of the ethnic groups and has its own characteristics. However, it still carries the typical flavor and ingredients of the cradle, bones of horses, cows, and pigs. Thang Co is cooked with a lot of herbs at the fair. People usually cook in a large pot and simmer for a few hours. Eating Thang Co and drinking corn or cider alcohol will definitely give visitors an unforgettable experience.

Thang Co
Thang Co (source: foody)

5. Sapa Salmon

When coming to Sapa, many domestic and foreign tourists have the opportunity to explore and learn about the process of raising salmon, seeing with their own eyes the flock of fish swimming freely under Silver Falls. The fish farm under Silver Falls is the most visited place by many tourists. Because it is located near the tourist attraction and at the base of Fansipan.

Sapa Salmon
Sapa Salmon (source: haisan24h)

At 1,800m above sea level, rainbow trout originating from Europe or America are cared for very “attentively” in artificial ponds. The survival feature of rainbow trout is living in a “dynamic water” environment and low temperature (below 15 degrees). Therefore, all water in the ponds is led by a 1,000 meters pipeline from Bac Waterfall to a fish farm.

Sapa Salmon
Sapa Salmon Hotpot (source: baomoinhanh

With its rich taste and high nutritional value, salmon is a luxury dish for tourists coming to Sapa. With a cool year-round climate and a cold winter even snow-covered, Sapa salmon has a hunting grain, no fat, and is very suitable for processing into many different dishes such as salad, hot pot, porridge, Grilled salmon, steamed fish roe, smoked fish,…

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These are the top 5 famous Sapa cuisines that foreign tourists need to enjoy when traveling to Sapa. Vietnam Reviewer hopes you will have many interesting culinary experiences in Sapa.

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