True to its name, the Dong Sen tourist area in Thap Muoi is famous for its vast lotus fields. This is a tourist destination that is being sought by many tourists to visit and relax. Before going to explore this land of pink lotus, please experience the Dong Sen Thap Muoi ecotourism area shared by Vietnam Reviewer below to have a trip full of joy!

 Dong Sen Thap Muoi Ecotourism Area

1. About Dong Sen Thap Muoi eco-tourism area

  • Address: My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi district, Dong Thap province

Located in My Hoa Commune, about 35 km from Cao Lanh City Center, the Dong Sen Thap Muoi tourist area was established in the early 21st century, with an important role among the national monuments that need to be preserved. conserve. By 2007, this ecotourism area was renovated and developed to become more diverse.

Coming to the Dong Sen Thap Muoi ecotourism area, you will admire the vivid and rich natural beauty. In particular, this is also an opportunity for you to learn about the diverse and rare flora and fauna ecosystems here such as birds, and living animals including many species listed in the Red Book.

In addition, there are many amusement parks and entertainment areas to help visitors understand more about a part of the cultural life here. Dong Sen Thap Muoi tourist area has become a very new destination, attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore.

2. Ideal time to go to Dong Sen Thap Muoi

As a tourist destination that does not depend too much on the climate, you can go to Dong Sen Thap Muoi at any time of the year. However, according to many people’s experience, you can come here in the summer from the first month of June to October.

Although this is the rainy season, it is not every day that you will encounter rain! Moreover, this is also the time when the lotus ponds begin to bloom everywhere, creating a mesmerizing beauty scene. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting on a boat watching the fragrant lotus lagoons. Enjoy the peaceful fresh atmosphere and check in with wonderful natural scenery.

3. Guide to move to Dong Sen Thap Muoi Tourist Area

Located about 150 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, to reach the Dong Sen Thap Muoi ecotourism area, you can travel by many means such as motorbikes, coaches, taxis, etc. However, if you have the conditions. then you should use a personal vehicle, it will be very convenient and bring you many interesting experiences.

If moving from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you move in the direction of Binh Chanh district. After arriving at the intersection of Binh Thuan Bridge, you turn to National Highway 1A, go another 16 km to Ben Luc, and then go straight to Tan An Bridge.

After passing the toll station, you go through the first red light, then turn left onto QL62. You continue to follow QL62 for about 44 km until you meet Tan Thanh junction, then turn left onto N2 to go to My An town. On the N2 road, when approaching Thap Muoi market, you should note not to cross My An bridge but turn right onto Provincial Road 845. You move about 8km to My Hoa market, from here you turn right and go to Go Thap Street and go to Go Thap Street. Go straight to Dong Sen Thap Muoi.

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4. How much is the ticket price for the Dong Sen Thap Muoi tourist area?

  • Open: 07:00 – 17:00
  • Ticket price: Weekdays 20,000 VND /person. Particularly Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are 30,000 VND / per person.
  • Boat price: 100k/boat. With a retail price of boating: 30k/person

5. What’s attractive about the Dong Sen Thap Muoi ecotourism area?

Visit and check in at the brilliant lotus lagoon

Possessing a fairly large area of nearly 20 hectares, Dong Sen Thap Muoi has private spaces for you without having to jostle like other tourist destinations. Dong Sen Thap Muoi has a gentle beauty with brilliant pink lotus flowers that captivate many “wandering” hearts. Coming here, you will enjoy the peaceful fresh air, away from the dust and noise in the bustling city.

Visit and check in at the brilliant lotus lagoon
Visit and check in at the brilliant lotus lagoon
Take a picture with lotus
Take a picture with lotus

This place is not only attractive to those who love lotus, but also an ideal place for devotees who like to take pictures. With a large, airy green space and many beautiful shooting angles, you can unleash your “virtual life” with thousands of different ways of “posing” to bring back super shimmering photos to show off to your friends.

Canoeing to pick lotuses

For a more complete trip, you should not miss the experience of taking a dinghy to explore the lotus lagoon. Boat rental here is only 30,000 VND /person. While walking, you can admire the countryside, check-in in the lotus lagoon, and pick the fragrant pink lotus flowers yourself.

Canoeing to pick lotuses
Canoeing to pick lotuses

Another famous giant lotus viewing spot in Dong Thap you can refer to is the Lotus Temple, also known as Phuoc Kien Tu Pagoda. Coming here, you will be standing on giant lotuses to take extremely luxurious check-in photos.

Take a canoe to explore the Melaleuca forest

Besides the lotus ponds, the melaleuca forest along the river in the Dong Sen Thap Muoi eco-tourism area is also a favorite place for many people. Coming here, you will be carried by people on boats floating down the green canal. On both sides are perennial melaleuca trees interspersed with purple myrtle.

Take a canoe to explore the Melaleuca forest
Take a canoe to explore the Melaleuca forest

Sitting on the canoe, you can watch the poetic natural scenery while listening to the songs of the local people mixed with the sounds of birds. Just heard it, it’s interesting and I want to go explore it right away!

Join entertaining games

To make the trip to Dong Sen Thap Muoi not boring, you can join your friends in folk games here to learn about the culture of the people of the Southwest region. The resort has a service for renting costumes, ao dai, Ba Ba,… you can transform into gentle village girls when coming to the lotus pond. For those of you who like the quiet, you can choose the hobby of fishing to both get results and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere here.

6. What to eat at Dong Sen Thap Muoi eco-tourism area?

Visiting Dong Sen ecotourism area, you will enjoy all the specialties of the river region such as steamed snails with pepper, lotus fried rice, dried mango salad with snakehead fish, boiled field crab, braised perch In addition, coming here in the floating season, you can also eat famous delicacies such as crazy fish soup, braised water lily, grilled hamsters, roti…

All are processed according to the very own recipe of the people of the Southwest region. Perhaps that’s why the dishes have a very special taste that is not available everywhere. What could be more wonderful than enjoying riverside dishes on the leaf huts with a beautiful view of the lotus lagoon. Don’t forget to sip the famous lotus milk or a cup of fragrant lotus tea here too!

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If you are too familiar with famous tourist destinations, then you should try to change the wind to come here once. Halo believes that the Dong Sen Thap Muoi tourist area will definitely bring interesting and wonderful experiences that make you unforgettable. Wish you and your family a happy trip. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to!

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