Lang Son is not only famous for being the land guarding the border of Vietnam but also for possessing a spectacular and impressive natural mountain landscape for tourists. In addition, what makes domestic and foreign tourists impressed with this land is the attractive and interesting cuisine.

The dishes here are made from fresh ingredients grown by the people themselves. All are selected and combined with the taste and culinary culture of the local people to bring “out of the box” dishes for the people to enjoy.

With an inexpensive price, the rustic and attractive Lang Son specialties will definitely be something you cannot ignore when you have the opportunity to visit this land. Let’s explore and learn more about Lang Son cuisine with the Vietnam Reviewer through the article below!

Top 10 most famous and delicious Lang Son specialties worth trying

1. Sour Pho – Delicious Lang Son Specialties

Pho Chua is processed quite sophisticatedly and has its own unique and attractive flavor that no other dish can mix. Although Pho Chua is quite popular in mountainous provinces, nowhere is it as delicious and unique as in Lang Son.

Sour Pho - Delicious Lang Son Specialties
Sour Pho – Delicious Lang Son Specialties

The dish consists of two main parts: noodle soup and broth. Pho noodles are processed with moderate softness, served with sweet potatoes, pork liver, stomach, bacon, char siu, flour, sausages, roasted peanuts… Noodles and ingredients are mixed together, combined with sauce to create a sour taste that brings an unmistakable experience.

The price for each bowl of Ha Tinh sour and sour noodle soup ranges from 25,000 to 35,000 VND. Reference address:

  • Thao Vien restaurant: 57 Phai Ve, Dong Kinh, City. Lang Son, Lang Son
  • Hai Xom Restaurant – 32 Ba Trieu, Hoang Van Thu, City. Lang Son, Lang Son

2. Egg rolls

Egg rolls are similar to regular rolls, they will be coated with a layer of rice flour, but the filling instead of meat will be chicken eggs. Eggs are beaten directly into the cake and evenly coated, covered with a lid until cooked.

Egg rolls
Egg rolls

After the cake is cooked, it will be taken out and sprinkled with minced meat and fried onions. Before putting it in your mouth, don’t forget to dip a little dipping sauce to bring a “unique” flavor. The fragrant egg flavor, along with the soft, flexible cake powder, make the dish quite interesting and attractive.

The price for each egg roll is very cheap, only 7,000 VND / book, when enjoying it you can freely order the quantity that suits your appetite. Address to eat egg rolls – delicious Lang Son specialties:

  • Thuc Oanh roll cake shop: on Le Loi Street, City. Lang Son.
  • Tran Dang Ninh roll cake shop: Tran Dang Ninh Street, City. Lang Son.


3. Huu Lung grilled spring rolls

If you want to buy Lang Son specialties as a gift, then Huu Lung grilled spring rolls will be the choice not to be missed. The dish is made from the main ingredients of chopped pork and pork skin, combined with hearing, and wrapped with fresh banana leaves.

Huu Lung grilled spring rolls
Huu Lung grilled spring rolls

After a short time, spring rolls will ferment and have a sour taste. When you want to eat, just put them on the grill to get a delicious and attractive dish. The dish has a sour taste, with a moderate reduction in flavor, when eaten, there will be a soft and chewy feeling of pork and pork skin.

Huu Lung grilled spring rolls have not only become a special dish in banquets and parties in Lang Son but have become a popular dish on family trays, even loved by tourists everywhere. You can find this dish at specialty stores in the Huu Lung area, Lang Son for about 50,000 VND/piece.

4. Khau Nhuc – Delicious Lang Son Specialties

Khau Nhuc is known as a typical dish in Lang country and is also a famous Lang Son specialty. The dish is made from pork belly, marinated with many different spices, and steamed for a long time. Gives food a rich flavor and melts in the mouth.

Khau Nhuc - Delicious Lang Son Specialties
Khau Nhuc – Delicious Lang Son Specialties

The most suitable humiliation is to eat with sticky rice, rice, or bread. Unlike China’s Khau hum, this dish has a very unique taste and attractive aroma, once eaten, it will definitely make you hard to forget.

The price for a unique dish of humiliation is about 200,000 to 300,000 VND/kg. Reference address:

  • Minh Quang restaurant: 44 Ngo Quyen, City. Lang Son, Lang So.

5. Roast Duck – Famous Lang Son Specialties

Coming to Lang Son, you can’t ignore Roast Duck with a unique and different flavor right at the first time you enjoy it. Ducks are selected fresh, stout and clean, marinated with many spices for richness such as onions, pepper, and macadamia leaves. Then it is brought to roast in an oil pan until it is golden, then take it out to drain the oil.

Roast Duck - Famous Lang Son Specialties
Roast Duck – Famous Lang Son Specialties

When enjoying this dish, you will see that the spices are evenly absorbed, and the duck meat is thick and fragrant, bringing its own charm without causing boredom. There is nothing like eating a piece of roasted duck dipped in soy sauce, whether eaten alone or combined with rice or bread, it will make you fall in love.

The average price for 1 roast duck ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 VND. Reference address:

  • Hung Hung Roast Duck Bien Cuong Origin: No. 13 Bac Son, Vinh Trai Ward, Lang Son City, Lang Son Province.
  • Huong Nga Roast Duck Restaurant: 164 Bac Son, Hoang Van Thu, Lang Son City, Lang Son Province.

6. Wormwood Cake – Famous Lang Son Specialties

This is a famous cake in the northern mountains, sugar is made from young wormwood leaves and clean ash water to soften, wash, remove fibers, and pound with a mortar. The cooked sticky rice will also be pounded with wormwood leaves into a fine powder. Then a batch of wormwood cakes was born with a unique green color.

Wormwood Cake - Famous Lang Son Specialties
Wormwood Cake – Famous Lang Son Specialties

Besides, the cake also has a unique flavor and an attractive aroma that makes it difficult for visitors to forget even when enjoying it for the first time. Visitors can buy Lang Son specialty cakes for 4,000 to 7,000 VND/piece. This reference place is at Lang Son markets or at tourist attractions.

7. Stone Snail

Rock snails, also known as rocky mountain snails, feature only appearing in the rainy season. Snails will be caught alive by the people of Lang Son and taken to be cleaned and steamed with lemongrass. This dish, although simple, contains a high content of nutrients, with an attractive taste when dipped with a little fish sauce mixed separately.

Stone Snail
Stone Snail

Snails have a crispy body, delicious and quite strange. In particular, this type of snail has the ability to effectively cure gout, so it is not only a dish but also an effective remedy chosen by many indigenous people. The price for each kilogram of rock snails ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 VND.

Visitors can find this dish at large and small restaurants in Lang Son. Some addresses for your reference:

  • Do Son Quan: 365 areas of Cau Muoi, Bac Son, Son Lung, Lang Son
  • Ku Suu snail hotpot: 10 Phung Chi Kien, Phu Loc 4 market, Lang Son

8. Black Rice Cake

What specialties does Lang Son have? If you still have this question, Banh Chung Den will be the choice not to be missed. The dishes are chosen quite a lot on Tet holidays.

Black Rice Cake
Black Rice Cake

The cake is made from glutinous rice and ashes of sticky rice straw harvested from the bark of the nac tree. From there, bringing a very distinct and impressive flavor to the eater. In the filling, besides fatty meat, and green beans, there is also cardamom added, creating a very attractive taste for the dish.

Although possessing a rather strange black appearance, this traditional banh chung of the people of Lang has a very unique flavor that you should definitely not miss when coming here.

Each black banh chung costs from 35,000 to 50,000 VND. You can find this dish at the address: Communal tourism village, Bac Son, Lang Son Province.

9. Banh Phong

Unlike Banh Phong in the South, Banh Phong in Lang Son is made from glutinous rice soaked with Tra Du tree ash, so when eaten, it will have a very unique flavor. At the same time, the cake also has a short tree-shaped shape, and when eaten, it will be crispy in the mouth.

Banh Phong
Banh Phong

Cakes that are both sweet, crispy, and fragrant with fried dough are quite popular among young people and are chosen as the best snacks in Lang Son. Visitors can buy cakes at grocery stores or markets in Lang Son for only 15,000 VND.

10. Banh Ap Chao

This is a specialty of Lang Son famous for its duck meat, served with papaya fish sauce mixed with chili vinegar with a very unique and attractive scent. Pan-fried cakes with crispy outside, flexible inner dough, with sweetness, combined with delicious duck meat will create an unforgettable culinary experience for visitors when coming to Lang.

Banh Ap Chao
Banh Ap Chao

Each cake is priced from 15,000 to 25,000 VND. You can refer to some of the following addresses:

  • Xuan Suu dumplings: 8, Than Thua Quy Street, Vinh Trai, Lang Son City, Lang Son

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Lang Son’s specialties not only make visitors remember forever about the taste but also contain a different culinary culture compared to many other regions. Surely after one taste, you will “fall in love” with the dishes here. If you have any feedback or need help, please send an email to!

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